Tower Of Fantasy: All 5 Astra Scenic Points Locations

November 2, 2022
Get all scenic points in the Astra region without trouble by following this guide!

Scenic Points are points of interest scattered all over Tower of Fantasy’s open-world map, Aesperia. In addition to giving you some of the game’s most gorgeous views, finding scenic points also rewards players with their corresponding travel logs that add to the game’s world-building. They are represented by a faint blue glowing marker that is quite difficult to spot.

That is where we come in! In this particular guide, we will be showing you where to find the scenic points in the Astra region of Tower of Fantasy.

All 5 Astra Scenic Points Locations

Astra Shelter

Fast travel to the Spacerift located at the Astra Shelter.

Once there, head west and climb up the mountain. Near the First Aid Pod is the first scenic point location.

Northern Ring Ranges

The next one is near the Astra Shelter as well. See the image above to see where your starting point should be.

Now climb up the mountain in front of you that has some Glowshrooms on it. At the very top is the scenic point.

Mega Arena

The third scenic point in Astra is located in the Mega Arena near the Football Field section of the region.

Starting from the Astra Omnium Tower, go southeast until you are at the Football Field.

There you’d find a gap in between two fences with some trees ahead of it. Go through the said gap and keep going until you reach the scenic point. It is near a glowing rock structure.

Ring of Echos

The fourth scenic point is located near the Astra Cemetery. Go to the area indicated in the image above to be at our starting point in reaching the scenic point location.

There you’d find yourself atop several tall rock pillars. You would have to glide from one pillar to the next to reach the fourth scenic point.

It is located on a tall pillar that has grass on top of it.

Tomb of Thorns

The final scenic point location in the Astra region is located on the bottom part of it. Refer to the image above to see our starting point in finding it.

Once there, jump off the cliff and into the large brown vine embracing the cliffs below. The scenic point is on the vine itself.

There we have it! Now you have found all 5 scenic points in the Astra Region