Tower Of Fantasy: All 10 Developer’s Log Locations

September 16, 2022
Finding all 10 Developer’s Logs on the new Artificial Island shouldn’t be much of a challenge!

With Tower of Fantasy’s new Artificial Island comes a variety of new side missions for players to take part in and complete as well. Upon their arrival on the new island, players will soon find themselves tasked with finding ten developer’s logs. This side mission is what players need to unlock the new housing feature that came with the new content update.

While the mission itself is pretty straightforward, looking for these small notebooks in the sprawling open world of Tower of Fantasy can sometimes prove difficult as well. Worry not; however, we can help you with just that.

Here is where you’d find all 10 Developer’s Logs in the Artificial Island.

All 10 Developer’s Log Locations in Tower Of Fantasy

Developer’s Log #1

The first developer’s log can be found just below Base Zero on the map. Walking down the airship from Base Zero, you should find a blue portal.

Walk through it and it should teleport you to a ledge further down the base.

On a grassy ledge, you should find your first developer’s log.

Developer’s Log #2

Upon arriving at Base Zero, jump down to the left and you should see a small tree that branches out.

The log itself can be obstructed by the tree, so just go near it and the prompt to collect it should pop out automatically.

Developer’s Log #3

The third one is located in the Rusty Iron Camp. It is on top of a crashed spaceship.

To easily locate this developer’s log, simply go to the letter ‘a’ of the word camp on the map.

Developer’s Log #4

The fourth one can be quite tricky to find as it requires a bit of platforming.

Firstly, you would want to go to the Eyrie. Then, find the highest spot and climb it. Now face to East.

From there, you should see a tower just beside the rocky cliffs that has a round top with faint glowing blue lights. Glide there as best as you can.

Once you’re on top of it, look for the log on its edges.

This one requires good stamina conservation and platforming skills to find.

Developer’s Log #5

A bit to the left of Ring Arena is where you’d find the fifth developer’s log.

You should see it just across the large yellow portal in the grounded path.

Developer’s Log #6

From the previous developer’s log you collected, head upwards until you are to the left of Simple Pier on the map.

You should see here an area-filled compound that has a blue energy barrier that blocks you from entering.

Head to the right onto the platform below. Notice a bunch of boxes there.

Destroy the three boxes clumped together as it hides the sixth log for you to collect.

Developer’s Log #7

The seventh developer’s log can be found to the right of Puddled Lake on the map, just across the big waterfall.

There you should see a stone formation on the grass. Behind it hides the log you are looking for.

Developer’s Log #8

This one can be found on the left side of Eyrie. It is situated in an enemy camp.

After dealing with the enemies in the area, climb the ramp and see a supply pod on your left.

You should see the log on the ground on the platform you are currently on.

Developer’s Log #9

The next one can be found on top of Eyrie and the on the left of Base Zero.

There should be a platform there just by the cliff’s edge.

Look for the sign that says 5 Area. Behind it lies the log.

Developer’s Log #10

The last developer’s log can be found on the Mine Base guarded by several enemies.

Simply deal with them and find the log beneath an object near one of their vehicles. It is just close to the entrance.

And there you have it! You now have all 10 Developer’s Logs on the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy. You should now also be able to access the game’s new housing feature.