Titanmail Bundle Skin Review: Valorant

Published: 12 May 2022
It’s time for a new Titanmail Bundle Skin in Valorant!

The players in Valorant can look forward to the new Titanmail Bundle Skin coming to the shop tomorrow. It’s the new shiny skin with neon accents that will make the look of your weapon so amazing. It also includes new skins for the Frenzy, Vandal, Bucky, and Ares. There is also a new unique melee skin that will make your mace perfect for bludgeoning the enemies.

In this guide, we will show you The Titanmail Bundle Skin in Valorant!

Titanmail Bundle Skin Review: Valorant


This gun has its own look like a metallic material moving which is why it’s probably called titan male and it has a lot of sharp edges.


This is a pretty new skin for a Bucky in a while and it looks amazing. It has more room for the lighting to reflect giving it better shading and the spikes are a bit more spread.


Ares has a much bigger body and it has more room for spikes. It looks a bit weirder because of how spiky it is.


Spikes work perfectly with the Vandal because it has sharp edges at the back, coming down like a tail and then swoops back over.


This one is looking like a real premium skin. For its price is really worth to be on your item list.