Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep | All In Game Classes

March 18, 2023
Want to know which are all the classes in Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep? Check out this guide to find out!

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is a popular expansion pack for Borderlands 2. Players embark on a fantastical journey through a tabletop role-playing game with a classic fantasy and fairy tale setting. The game features humor, action, and emotional depth, exploring themes of loss, grief, and the power of imagination.

In this guide, you will learn more about all in-game classes for Tiny Tina Assault On Dragon Keep.

All In Game Classes

In Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep there is a total of 6 different classes. These classes are also characters that you can play. Each of them has different mechanics, these classes are:

  • Lilith – The Phasewalker
  • Roland – The Soldier
  • Brick – The Berserker
  • Mordecai – The Hunter
  • Gaige – The Mechromancer
  • Krieg – The Psycho

Let’s dive deeply into each class and see what they can do.

Lilith – The Phasewalker

Lilith is a returning character from the original Borderlands game. Her ability, Phasewalk, makes her invisible and enables her to move quickly, which makes her a versatile character for both exploration and combat.

To make the most out of Lilith’s abilities, try to use Phasewalk as much as possible. It can be used to escape sticky situations or to quickly close the gap between you and your enemies.

Lilith’s playstyle is focused on hit-and-run tactics, so it’s best to use her speed and mobility to your advantage.

Roland – The Soldier

Roland is a former Atlas soldier and another returning character from Borderlands. His ability, Sentry, deploys a stationary turret that provides cover fire for his allies and takes down enemies.

To be successful with Roland, make sure to deploy your turret in strategic locations. It’s best to place it in a position where it can cover multiple angles of attack and take down enemies before they get too close.

Roland is a great support character, so use him to provide cover fire for your allies and keep them safe.

Brick – The Berserker

Brick is a former bandit turned Vault Hunter, known for his brute strength and melee combat abilities. His ability, Berserk, sends him into a frenzy, dealing massive damage to enemies up close.

To be successful with Brick, it’s important to get up close and personal with your enemies.

Use your melee attacks to deal massive damage and then activate Berserk to take out groups of enemies quickly. Brick is a great character for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

Mordecai – The Hunter

Mordecai is a skilled marksman and hunter, accompanied by his bird-of-prey companion, Bloodwing. His ability, Bloodwing, enables him to send his bird to attack enemies from afar.

To be successful with Mordecai, make sure to use Bloodwing as much as possible.

It’s best to use Bloodwing to take out weaker enemies and soften up tougher targets before engaging them with your weapons. Mordecai is a great character for players who prefer a more tactical playstyle.

Gaige – The Mechromancer

Gaige is a teenage genius who built her own robot, Deathtrap, to accompany her on her adventures.

Her ability, Summon Deathtrap, calls in her robot to fight alongside her. To be successful with Gaige, it’s important to make the most out of Deathtrap. It’s best to use Deathtrap to distract enemies and draw their fire away from you.

While your enemies are distracted, you can take them out with your weapons. Gaige is a great character for players who prefer a more strategic play style.

Krieg – The Psycho

Krieg is a psycho bandit who has a split personality, switching between his calm and collected “inner voice” and his wild and aggressive “outer voice.”

His ability, Buzz Axe Rampage, sends him on a melee killing spree, dealing massive damage to enemies around him.

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