Thymesia: Underground Laboratory Stories Locations

September 13, 2022
Find All Underground Laboratory Stories Locations in Thymesia!

The Underground Laboratory is the place where they do experiments on people using vile blood. That is the area of the Sound of the Abyss boss, where you can find a lot of Stories. If you want to know where are all the stories located in the underground laboratory, then you are on the right place.

This guide will show you All underground laboratory Stories locations in Thymesia.

Thymesia: Underground Laboratory Stories Locations

Underground Laboratory Main Quest Stories

  • Story 1: Experiment 1, Observation report 03

Once you get inside the laboratory, follow the path where you will find two enemies sitting on a platform. Here you should take the stairs on the left.

After the second set of stairs, you will find Experiment 1, Observation Report 03 on the left side of the ground.

  • Story 2: Experiment 1, Observation Report 01

Need to jump down off the platform directly opposite where the two bow-wielding enemies are and follow the path up the ramp.

After defeating the enemies, you can collect this story near the edge of the platform.

  • Story 3: Blood Written Letter 01

Follow the path going down where you will come to a set of stairs on the left side. Here you have to take the right stairs where you will come to a halberd-wielding mini-boss.

After that you will be able to find the story on the left side of the entrance to the next area of the Underground Laboratory.

  • Story 4: Blood Written Letter 02

Keep following the path until you reach the human-shaped mini-boss wielding a whip and spawning smaller versions of him.

After defeating him, you can go under the large root of his location where you will find the Blood Written Letter 02.

  • Story 5: Vile Blood Experiment Records 02

For this story, you have to continue to the path until you reach the greatsword-wielding mini-boss at a crossroad.

After you defeat him, continue to the left path, defeat the other enemy, and there in the right corner you can collect the Vile Blood Experiment Records 02.

Now, when you know where to find all the stories locations, head to the underground Laboratory and explore it all to find even more collectibles.