Thymesia How To Upgrade Potion

August 18, 2022
Brew these potions to get an upper hand over your enemies!

Thymesia is an action-adventure RPG game involving fast-paced combat where players take the role of a character called Corvus living in a kingdom infested with plague. There are many different types of potions available and these potions can assist you during combat by giving a small buff.

This guide will tell you how to upgrade potions in the game.

How To Upgrade Potion In Thymesia

How to access the Potion menu?

There are two ways to access the potion menu: you can head over to the Respawn beacon and there you will find an option to access the potions tab or use the crafting table in your hub.

You will find three different types of potions in the crafting table: General Potion, Long Lasting potion and Fast-acting potion.

During the early parts of the game, only the first two potions will be unlocked for you. Each of these has its own benefits so you should unlock the one that you need the most.

Types of Potions

The General potion will help you recover instantly by providing 100% health and energy recovery effectiveness.

When you are in a big battle, Long-Lasting potion is most needed
When you are in a big battle, Long-Lasting potion is most needed

The Long Lasting potion on the other hand works differently by helping you recover over a period of time and providing you with 150% health and energy recovery effectiveness.

It can be helpful when you are in low health and you are in a safe area as the health bar will fill slowly in comparison to the general potion.

Last but not least is the Fast Acting Potion that will heal your character instantly and provide you with 50% health but you can carry more quantity of these in comparison to other potions.

How to upgrade your potions?

There are a total of three different upgrades that you can do:

  • Amount of potions: The number of potions that you can carry (maximum 6-8)
  • Health Recovery: The amount of health that you receive from the potion (maximum 525)
  • Ingredient Slots: Increase the number of ingredient slots (maximum 3)

When you first try to upgrade your potion, you will notice that the higher levels have been locked and you will need to unlock them by spending shards. These shards can be obtained by completing quests and defeating mini-bosses in the game.

Defeating these mini-bosses will reward you with Alchemy Enhancer that you can use to upgrade your potions. The 1st potion upgrade costs one Alchemy Enhancer, the 2nd one costs two and the 3rd one costs three. Therefore, in order to fully upgrade all the nodes in a single potion, you need 18 Alchemy Enhancers.

Fully maxing out all of your potions will require a whopping 54 Alchemy Enhancers which means that you will need to grind a lot of these bosses to get your potion game right.

That’s it, now go ahead and upgrade these potions to enjoy your buffs!