Thymesia: How to Upgrade Plague Weapons

August 18, 2022
Here you can learn How to Upgrade Plague Weapons in Thymesia!

Thymesia is a grueling action RPG with fast-paced combat and an intricate plague weapon system. Plague weapons are an essential part of the combats in Thymesia. These weapons have more customization options and gameplay implications that you must know in order to make your character much more powerful.

This guide will show you How to Upgrade Plague Weapons in Thymesia.

Thymesia: How to Upgrade Plague Weapons

In order to upgrade these particular weapons, it will be extremely important that you do the charge claw and you kill the enemies that have these particular weapons.

When you do the charge, you have a chance of pulling a weapon shard for that specific weapon.

If you want to level up a specific weapon, look for the enemy that has that weapon, charge your web, charge your claw, and extract that weapon chart.

Once you meet the first requirement, which is the attribute requirement, you have to level it up. After that you are going to increase the basic attack and increase the extended attack as well.

After it’s fully maxed out, you will get an additional buff that is based on a different attribute as long as it meets the requirements.