Thymesia: How To Get All Recipes

August 20, 2022
Time to collect all the recipes in Thymesia!

Thymesia is an action-adventure RPG game involving fast-paced combat where players take the role of a character called Corvus living in a kingdom infested with plague. As you progress through the game, you will notice that there are many different types of potions available and creating them requires access to various recipes.

This guide will tell you how to get all the recipes in the game.

How To Get All Recipes

In order to get a recipe, you will need to combine 3 specific ingredients in the Craft Potion menu.

Now you can craft different potions that will give you additional buffs.

You can access this menu in Philosopher’s Hill or at any beacon that you come across during your journey.

There are a total of 8 recipes that you can craft in the game. Below you will find all the recipes and the ingredients required to craft them:

1. Circulation

Effects: Recover 5 health every second

Ingredients required: Fennel + Clove + Oregano

2. Courage

Effects: Gain a stack of “Defensive” buff

Ingredients required: Mint + Lavender + Black Pepper

3. Refreshing

Effects: Recover 3 energy every second

Ingredients required: Mint + Oregano + Fennel

4. Sweating

Effects: Gain 1 stack of “Offensive” buff

Ingredients required: Mint + Cinnamon + Black Pepper

5. Warming Up

Effects: Increases damage by 10%

Ingredients required: Basil + Garlic + Black Pepper

6. Four Thieves Vinegar

Effects: Increases maximum health by 100

Ingredients required: Rosemary + Sage +Thyme

7. Focus

Effects: Increases Memory Shards drop amount by 10%

Ingredients required: Rosemary + Thyme + Mint

8. Pain Relief

Effects: Reduces damage intake by 10%

Ingredients required: Clove + Lavender + Rosemary

That’s it, these are all the recipes that you can obtain in the game!