Thymesia: How To Defeat Urd Boss

Thymesia is a grueling action RPG with fast-paced combat and an intricate plague weapon system. Players will seek the scattered memories of the past while treading through the plagued kingdom of Hermes. Along the game, you will unlock a side quest where you need to encounter Urd, one of the toughest bosses in the game.

This guide will show you How to Defeat Urd Boss in Thymesia.

How To Defeat Urd Boss

Before you fight Urd, need to find him in Hermes Fortress Sub-Quest 1 where you have to kill Varg first, and then it will lead you into the tutorial area from the start of the game.

Get back at the end of the tutorial where you will find Urd, instead of Varg.

Compared to the other bosses, Urd is a very fast attacker. All her moves set in large centres around a few core moves which can play at random, and all of the moves will be augmented during her second phase.

The fight with Urd has two phases, and phase 2 begins once you take out the health bar in phase 1.

Before jumping into fighting, make sure to learn some of the following Urd’s attacks and how to counter them.

Triple Stab

Urd has two close-quarters attacks that she likes to cycle between, and the triple stab is one of them. She will raise her elbow and sword into a thrusting stance and then she will rapidly stab three times. You can notice this attack by its wind-up but is very quick.

If you catch her telegraph, then you can spam deflect and catch every single stab. This movement can be followed up with your Sabre or Claw combo.

Upswing + Stab

This is her second close-quarter attack where she quickly swings her sword in an upward arc, then moves back slightly, does a short pause, and then delivers a powerful thrust.

You can avoid this attack pretty easily. The telegraph is obvious and different enough from Triple Stab which makes it easy to recognize which deflect pattern to use against it.

Urd is very fast boss who deals ton of damage with her sword.

Dash + Stab

It is Urd’s most common approach where she dashes at Corvus and then quickly stabs. This attack is well telegraphed. It might catch you out at the first few attacks from her.

There is a very short pause where she draws hew sword back for the thrust which is a sign that she is going to attack. If you are staying close to Urd, she won’t use this attack so often.

Upswing + Stab + Slam

This attack is very identical to the others attacks above.

The main thing is that Urd is adding an extra attack in order to catch you unprotected. She is slamming a dagger into the ground, and then the dagger will linger.

To avoid this attack, you have to know already once you counter the Upswing – Stab combo, just dash out of the way because the next hit will be the slam.

Critical Attack – Stab

She is flashing green which gives her the ability to unleash a powerful stab. This critical attack is very easy to counter since she will use it raw and not hidden in a combo. At this point, you need to throw a feather, or just use Step Jump.

She can also use it multiple times, which leads to massive damage if you use Step Jump and aerial counters.

Jumping Attack

She has the ability to jump into the air and then slam on the ground where you are standing. If she hits you, it will deal huge damage to you and at the same time leaves a dagger in the ground that will explode after a brief time.

This attack might be a bit hard to dodge because it has AOE splash damage. Long Dodge is enough to avoid this attack, but you must be careful of the daggers that explode in the arena.

Ultimate Attack

Once phase 2 begins, Urd will use her ultimate attack where she is throwing daggers around the area and cause them to explode.

All you need to do in order to dodge her ultimate is to stay away from the green circles because those are the areas where the explosion damage will hit.

Urd's ultimate is causing explosion at the scattered daggers on the ground.

Overall, Urd will move around the area a lot more than any other boss, which means you have to react and move fast also. She can easily dodge certain Plague Weapon or Claw attacks.

A good mix of Strength and Plague will assure that you are dealing enough damage to defeat Urd. It is recommended to have 5 or more Vitality in order to survive all the deadly and quick attacks.

About the talents, there are only two that can really help you in this battle.

The first is Precision Deflection because you can’t deal damage to Urd with standard attacks. This talent will allow you to deal maximum damage when you deflect, and it will shred Urd’s health bar because she attacks so frequently.

The second talent is Long Dodge because it will let you fall back from Urd when she is performing her Jump Attack. Also, you can use it more offensively to close the distance between you and Urd and to keep triggering her to attack. With this, you will have a chance to reduce her number of the dash and jump attacks.

Another important thing to know about fighting with Urd is her attack timings. Her attacks are basic and not so different from each other.

It is easy to notice them, but the only problem might be her quick moving and short cooldown between her combos.

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