The Wandering Village: Ultimate Farming Guide

September 15, 2022
Time to plant some crops and feed your villagers!

Wandering Village is a city simulation game where you need to build your settlement on the back of a large flying dragon while maintaining a good relationship with the colossus. Just like every civilization-building game, farming is an important part that you need to feed your villagers and earn some money.

This guide will tell you how to farm in the game.

Ultimate Farming Guide in The Wandering Village

First, there are a couple of things that you need to research before you start Farming such as Tomato Plantation, Corn Plantation and Wheat Harvesting.

Getting the Wheat Harvesting perk also allows you to unlock the Windmill to grind that wheat into flour and the Bakery to produce bread from that flour.

There is also the Cactus Plantation which will act as an alternative source of water during extremely hot climates.

You can grow a large Cactus Farm to quench the thirst of your villagers when Onbu is going through the desert.

In order to use the Farm, you will need to click on the plus button with a leaf next to it to add new plots for production. Click the button and then use your mouse to add new plots on empty land.

Don’t click the Plant or Harvest button because if you click one of them, it will set your workers to only plant or harvest in the fields.

Next is the Plant section where you can switch between the different types of crops that you wish to grow on your farm such as Corn, Cactus, Beets etc.

Below it, you will also see the requirements for the crop such as Water which is required for planting Corn.

There is also a Temperature bar below it which will tell you the temperature required for the crop that you are growing. If the arrow is on the green side of the bar then you are good to go and if it’s red then your crop won’t grow at all.

You should be always aware of the current temperature and the crops that are best suited for it. If the temperature is not suitable and is white or red then it is pointless to grow your food.

There are also tools like Compost that you can activate by ticking the checkbox next to it.

Do note that you will need buildings such as the Dung Collector and the Compost Heap allowing you to use compost and help your plants grow faster.

That’s everything you need to know about farming in the game!