The Wandering Village: Scavenger Hut Guide

September 16, 2022
Know how to make full use of Scavenger Huts in The Wandering Village by following this guide!

The Wandering Village is a cutesy city-building simulation game where players build their thriving and living civilization atop a walking, giant creature. Hence the name Wandering Village. Much like several city-building games before it, the Wandering Village also has its myriad of systems where players can get lost to trying to manage. In this guide, we will be looking at the game’s Scavenger Hut feature – how it’s made, how it works, and what’s its purpose.

Here is an in-depth look at the Scavenger Hut in The Wandering Village.

Scavenger Hut Guide in The Wandering Village

First of all, in order to unlock the Scavenger Hut, you must go to your Research. Under the Kitchen to the left is the Scavenger Hut.

It requires 10 planks and 10 stone slabs to unlock.

After situating the Scavenger Hut in your village, you need to assign 2 people for each hut for it to operate.

As you may see, it has its own inventory. These are the things your scavengers take home from their trips whenever you deploy them.

To deploy your scavengers to get some items for your village, open the map.

This should bring up the world map. In it, you’d see several icons around your walking giant village.

Those that you can see that have Xs are the ones you’ve been through already.

Select the icon you want to visit. There you should see its name, the items you can get out of it, and the estimated time for your party to get back after sending them there.

To deploy your party, simply press Send Party. They should start scavenging now. Take note that the more Scavenger Hut you own, the more scavengers you can deploy.

Here are the places where you can scavenge and what you can get out of them:

  • Settlements – food or survivors that would increase your town’s population
  • Quarries – stones and minerals
  • Oasis – fresh water
  • Mines – iron ores
  • Shrines – gives you knowledge which you can use to unlock more on your Research

Take note that there may be certain events in-game that may put your scavengers in danger whenever they go out to explore.