The Wandering Village: Researching Guide

September 15, 2022
Check out this guide to know everything about Research in Wandering Village!

Wandering Village is a city simulation game where you need to build your settlement on the back of a large flying dragon while maintaining a good relationship with the colossus. You will need to maintain and expand your settlement as you try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world with this creature.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Research in the game.

Researching Guide in The Wandering Village

You have the Hornblower as well as the Dung Collector as the first options in the Research menu.

The Hornblower is probably the best option, to begin with as it allows you the control the direction in which Onbu, the creature is travelling.

 It will allow you to avoid certain obstacles such as the toxic spore clouds as well as choose the direction of travel at the crossroads.

You can also control the speed of the creature with options such as Walk, Run and Lie Down

All of these things are only possible if you have a dedicated staff working at the Hornblower building.

The second research option that you should choose is the Dung Collector allowing you to collect the Dung from Onbu and produce items such as Bio Gas and Fertilizers.

While the Dung Collector isn’t special in itself, it does allow you to unlock the Bile Extractor that allows you to extract bile from Onbu’s gallbladder.

It works automatically and you don’t need to assign anybody to work on the Bile Extractor.

This will provide fuel for your Decontaminators so you can clear the poisoned plants when you encounter them.

The next thing that you need to do is work on the Kitchen research tree to unlock the Decontaminator.

You will need to unlock the Kitchen and the Village Doctor to obtain the Decontaminator.

The Kitchen is also a good perk as it will refine your berries, beets and Onbu’s blood to create processed food.

You will need to assign staff to the kitchen to ensure that it stays functional as well as berry gatherers to collect the berries.

It will also affect the food quality and food variety which will affect your villager’s mood once your settlement reaches 20 villagers.

You can change the food being processed in the Kitchen to ensure your villagers stay happy and healthy.

The next perk is the Village Doctor which heals the poisoned villagers in your settlements by using herbs. You will need to construct a few things for the Village Doctor such as the Herbalist to collect the medicinal herbs.

Apart from the people in your village, Onbu will also get poisoned so it’s important to have a doctor to heal all of them.

You will also need the Mycologist to produce food for Onbu using plants and mushrooms as the ingredients for his food.

The last perk of this tree is the Decontaminator which fights the spread of toxic gas by using Biogas or Onbu’s Bile as fuel.

You can get upto 5 people working on it however there’s no need to assign all the people to a Decontaminator if there isn’t anything to decontaminate.

You can create a Worker’s post nearby and then add people from there when you need to decontaminate something allowing you to deal with the poison easily.

A single Decontaminator is more than enough most of the time as it will cover a large area of Onbu’s back however you can add more Decontaminators later if you want.

One caveat of the Hornblower is that it doesn’t work unless Onbu trusts you and there are a few ways to fix that. While the Mycologists can make the ingredients for Onbu’s food, they don’t actually make the food itself.

This is where you need to build the Onbu Kitchen to transform those Mushrooms into Onbu’s food.

It requires 20 Mushrooms to create 1 food for Onbu and it takes a bit of time.

After the food is prepared, you will need to transfer it to the Trebuchet and it requires one worker to launch the food for Onbu.

This will give you the Onbu Food button so you can decrease his hunger by 20% and increase his trust levels.

You will also need the Onbu Feeding Trebuchet so Onbu can actually eat that food and decrease his hunger level.

By improving the trust levels with Onbu, you will be able to control where he goes at the crossroads.

Another perk worth unlocking is the Onbu Doctor so you can send workers to cure Onbu from poison or heal him.

You will need full staff for Onbu’s Doctor to work properly.

There are three options here: Antidote, Cure Health and Pet Onbu with each of them increasing the level of trust with the creature.

Antidote will reduce 20% of Onbu poison, Cure Health will restore 20% of his health and Pet Onbu option will simply improve the trust levels.

The next perk that you need to unlock is the Scavenger Hut which sends out workers to find rare resources as well as attract new villagers. You need to assign 2 full-time workers for the Scavenger Hut to function properly and you can send those workers to different places using your map.

In case you missed anything, here is the research order that you need to follow:

  1. Hornblower
  2. Dung Collector
  3. Bile Extractor
  4. Village Doctor
  5. Decontaminator
  6. Onbu Kitchen
  7. Feeding Trebuchet
  8. Onbu Doctor
  9. Scavenger Hut

That’s it, now go ahead and follow this order to unlock the best research options first!