The Wandering Village: How to Stop Harvesting

September 15, 2022
Put a halt on your people’s harvest by following this guide!

The Wandering Village is a cutesy city-building simulation game where players build their thriving and living civilization atop a walking, giant creature. Hence the name Wandering Village. Much like several city-building games before it, the Wandering Village also has its myriad of systems where players can get lost to trying to manage. In this guide, we will be looking at the game’s Harvesting tool and how you can stop from Harvesting.

Here is how you stop Harvesting in The Wandering Village.

How to Stop Harvesting in The Wandering Village

The Harvesting should be easy to find. It is located within your central menu, at the bottom-center of your screen.

Clicking on it should give you the several options of which you can harvest, such as trees and stones.

At the far left of this particular tool bar is the Remove Harvest Task. This is what you use to order your people to Stop Harvesting.

To Harvest something, simply click on the Harvest option then choose which type of resource you want to get.

To Stop Harvesting, meanwhile, click on the Remove Harvest Task then promptly select the resource that is currently being harvested by your people.

Then that’s that! You now know how to Harvest and Stop Harvesting.