The Sims 4: Best Fertilizer To Use

The Sims 4 is a simulation roleplay game where you create and control different characters in order to fulfil their different social desires. Gardening is one of the activities that you can participate in as a Sim and it’s important to choose the correct fertilizer for the best growth.In this guide, we will tell you about the best fertilizer in the game.

The Sims 4: Best Fertilizer To Use

Gardening is one of the hobbies that your Sim can pursue and it will fetch you additional Simoleans if you cultivate and sell your plants. In order to fertilize your plants, you will need to reach level 3 Gardening to be able to use the fertilizer option.

There are three types of Fertilizers available in the game and they have been divided based on their costs:

  • $10: These are low costs fertilizers that are not worth using and you should instead spend more to get your hands on a medium or high-end fertilizer for better growth
  • $20: These are medium fertilizers that will give you good results after some time.
  • $50 and above: These are high-end fertilizers that can help your plant achieve instant growth and are well worth their price.

The best fertilizer in the game is any plant or fish fertilizer that costs 50 simoleons which is the high-end fertilizer as it will help you achieve instant growth. Spending more than 50 simoleons isn’t worth the extra cost since it will give you more or less similar results as the one that costs 50 simoleons.

Some of the best plan fertilizers are Growfruit, Snapdragon Fruit, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Birds of Paradise, Trash Fruit, Quill Fruit, Fungal Infusion Fertilizer and Mushrooms.

For fish-based fertilizer, you can consider any fish that costs 100 Simoleons or above as it will work best as a fertilizer even when gets rotten. However, the most economical way is to purchase fishes that are in the 60-90 Simoleons range and keep them fresh by maintaining them in a refrigerator.

Highly expensive fishes such as Sturgeon are worth more when sold instead of using them as fertilizers which will waste your precious money. Fishes like Tuna, Salmon, and Wolf Eel are good high-end fertilizers whereas Tambaqui, Bass, Cichlid, Koi, Yellow Perch, Trout and Walleye are decent medium-end fertilizers.

There are also rare fishes such as Catfish, Armoured Catfish, Discus, Exotic Goldfish, Tilapia, Anglerfish, Electric Eel, Batfish, Rainbowfish, and Treefish that serve as good medium-end fertilizers.

You can also use Bee Boxes and Pet Poop to act as a fertilizer since they work great and will help you save your money. For best results, we recommend that you apply your fertilizer every three to four days and grow them in areas with open air.

Any fertilizer that costs 50 Simoleons is the best fertilizer and it is not worth spending more on them. Always opt for medium or high-end fertilizers as the low-end ones will waste your money and time.

That’s it, now go ahead and use fertilizers efficiently in Sims 4 to grow your plants faster!

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