The Past Within: Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

November 7, 2022
Let’s go through and check the Walkthrough Chapter 2 in The Past Within!

The Past Within is a newly released co-op only game in which you can play together with your friend and communicate with each other and piece together some of the mysteries of Albert Vanderboom. Placed in Rusty Lake, players have to solve various puzzles and explore mysterious worlds.

The game has two chapters, the past and the future. The Past is Chapter 2 and we are going to show you every step of it to complete it without any problems.

Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide – The Past Within

After completing The Past which is the first chapter, you will come to the second chapter, The Future.

It starts with the machine where you placed the Bone, Flesh, and Blood, and now the Future will use it in order to explore the laboratory where you are exactly stationed in chapter 2. At the beginning of chapter 2, you will find papers on the table and there will be a code written on the paper that Past has to input into the machine.

The Past will rotate the machine to the right side where the Resurrection Process terms are and then enter the code in order to transfer the Bone, Flesh, and Blood from the machine. You have to type the following code: Z1X23Y

Once you solve this puzzle, another note will appear where you will see a total of 9 buttons, and 6 of them are highlighted. Now you need to get the Black Cube from the machine and place it in the C-9 inside the machine.

Place the Black Cube in the empty spot and then you have to press the buttons in the following order:

  • All three buttons in a vertical line on the left side
  • All three buttons in a vertical line on the right side

After the Black Cube is pressed, there will be some flashbacks of chapter 1 that the future will see and suddenly the shadow of Albert will appear inside the cylinder of the big machine.

At this point, you need to click on the clock which is under the console and then press the button in order to reset the hands of the clock. Once you press the button on the clock, the arrows will change, and you have to take note of it. The black will be on 11, the red will be on 1, and the white on 3.

The future will need to tell the position of the same hand on the clock, and then you have to put each of the switches with the same color as the clock to the corresponding number.

After you place them in the right position, the past will see through the eye to the Future’s side and will find Albert’s Shadow inside the cylinder.

After that, you will find a music key on the machine next to the eye, and now you have to rotate to the next side of the machine where you can place the music key in order to open the part with a piano.

Once you open the piano, you will see a written number on it “78.3”.

You need to memorize this number because you will need it to select the right radio frequency on the radio in the room with the lockers. The radio is standing on top of the lockers.

You just need to click on it and then you have to adjust the frequency to the same number that you see on the piano.

Once you set it to the right frequency, the future will see the musical notes coming out from the radio and it has to tell the notes to the Past and then play the same notes on the piano.

The right notes that have to be played on the piano are “AGAB”.

After playing the right notes on the piano, the number above it will change into a new number which is “114.3”. Now, once again, the future has to go to the radio and set it to the new frequency, and then there will be other notes that it has to tell to the Past and play it again on the piano. The notes are “CDEG”.

The past has to play this note again on the piano, and then another number will change again. The third number that you have to set on the radio is “103.7”. After you change the frequency again, Future will receive a third note “EDEC” that has to tell to the past and play on the piano.

By playing the third note, there will be again the fourth and last number “89.1” that will reveal the “BAGA” note from the radio.

After the past plays this note on the piano, a Tooth Key will be revealed.

Now, you need to pick up the Tooth Key and rotate the machine to the front where you have to insert the Tooth Key in the Bone Substance Lock.

Once you insert the key, it will close the compartment and on it, you will see different highlighted switches.

From there, the Future has to switch to the room with another big machine and get all the substances that the Past has already collected.

You need to click on the machine and there will be six movable switches that have to be placed in the same order as you saw the highlighted switches on the Tooth lock compartment.

When you place the switches in the right order, the device will open there you will find the big tooth and chalk.

After you pick up the chalk, you have to continue to the blackboard that can be found on the right side of the lockers. You need to use chalk and draw different shapes on the Blackboard and also a code in the bottom left.

The code on the blackboard is “X3Z1Y2” and the Past has to input it into the device, then a new note will come with different keywords underlined.

By knowing these words, the Future needs to use the chalk and circle the same objects on the blackboard in the right order.

  • Coffin – 2nd shape, 1st row
  • Eyes – 6th shape, 2nd row
  • Soul – 4th shape, 3rd row
  • Cube – 6th shape, 1st row
  • Future – 5th shape, 3rd row
  • Bone – 5th shape, 2nd row
  • Flesh – 3rd shape, 2nd row
  • Blood – 3rd shape, 3rd row

Once you circle them in the right order, the hammer will become real and you have to pick it up.

Now, you have to use the hammer to break the tooth, and then with the vacuum pipe suck all the pieces so they will be transferred inside the cylinder with Shadow of Albert.

After that, there will be a light blinking under the Bone, which means that the bones have to be transferred inside the cylinder. Turn the switch and the bones will attach to the Shadow of Albert.

Now, you have to click again on the clock to reset it and the arrows will stop in a different position, meaning the black will be on 4, the red on 6, and the white on 1.

Once again, go to the eye-looking device, and place the colors of the switches to the same number according to the arrows of the clock.

On the other side of the eye, you will see the skeleton body of Albert. After zooming out, the device will reveal a Nut Driver that you need to pick up. Now go to the back of the device and you have to open the four nuts.

After you open the cover of the device, you will find a mechanism but some of the metal parts are missing.

Get out of the machine and you will see a rat on the floor that you need to follow going inside the broken tile. Inside this broken tile, you will find a key.

This key can be used to unlock the right locker in which you are going to find some blueprints.

On the blueprints, the Future will be able to find the three hidden metal cogs which are hidden inside the frame of the device.

Now, the Past has to rotate the machine to the front side, and there will find one cog which is hidden on the left side of the blood substance and the other is on top of the flesh substance.

After you found these two, rotate back to the mechanical side of the machine and the third cog can be found on the left side inside the frame.

Now, you need to place all three missing cogs inside the machine, and then rotate them to start working. With the mechanism working, a doll will come down hanging on a hook. You need to press several times on the doll and it will fall down together with the hook.

You need to pick up the hook, and then go to the device on the side where the ear is located. In the ear compartment, you need to place the hook on the rope, and then by moving the switch you have to lift up the ear.

Once you lift up the ear, a new board will flip with three switches on it. From here, you have to go and click on the computer in the locker, and it will ask you if the person in the past got all the missing gears.

You need to press the down button, and there will be the Hook, Ear, and diagram to Past that can set the notches in the correct positions on the board.

  • 1st column – 5th notch
  • 2nd column – 2nd notch
  • 3rd column – 2nd notch

Once you place the notches in the correct order, a new board will appear below it with arrow directions that has to be used on the computer.

After you enter the arrows in the computer a new screen will appear with a hook on top and a code written on the bottom of the screen.

The Past has to use this code to the machine where it will get the next clue. The code is “Y3X1Z2”.

After entering the code, there will be a note with a diagram of the blocks that shows the right path that you need to follow.

There are three destinations and you have to follow them in the right order on the computer so after that is done, the ear will come in the room.

In the room with the ear, you have to pick up the glass from the ground, and then go back to the room with the lockers. There will be three drawers and in the middle drawer, you will find Scalpel.

Go back to the ear and use the scalpel and cut the small piece of Flesh from the ear and then go to the right side of the locker where you have to click on the table and then the Future will see a screen that is saying there is a missing heat.

Now, you need to use the matches on the gas burner to light it up and then the screen will start showing missing coffee.

You can make the coffee from the coffee machine that can be found in the bottom shelf in the locker.

After you prepare the coffee, the screen will show that water is missing, and to get the water, you have to go back to the lavatory and use the glass that you pick up earlier to get some water.

The last missing piece will be the Flesh that you can take it from your items. Place it on the working table, and then on the screen, you will receive a code.

You need to type the code in the puzzle with the three paths, and then you will receive a new note with a step on how to add the liquids in the following order.

The first step of pouring the liquids on the flesh are: Acid, Water, Hot Coffee.

Once you pour the liquids in the right order, you will receive a new code on the screen that has to be used on the machine. The code that you need to use is: 1Y3X2Z.

After using this code, you will receive the Step 2 of pouring the liquids and it is in the following order: Water, Coffee, Hot Water.

After Step 2 is done, you will receive a third code on the screen that has to be used to receive the step 3 of pouring liquids on the machine.

The third code is “2Z1X3Y” and once the Past use it on the machine, you will receive a note of Step 3 that requires to pour the liquids in the following order: Hot Acid, Water, Hot Acid.

After this, you will receive the fourth and last code in the screen in the laboratory. The code is 1Y2X3Z and it will give you step 4 of pouring liquids after the Past type it into the machine.

The order of liquids for Step 4 is as follows: Acid, Water, Water.

Once you pour all the liquids in the correct order in each step, you will receive a “Complete” message on the screen and the flesh will start moving and go into the pipe and then to the bones of Albert in the cylinder.

Now, once the flesh is inside the cylinder, the light above the Flesh button will start to blink which means you have to press and activate it.

After you are done with the Flesh, you have to reset the clock for the third time and then tell the position of the clock arrows to the Past and he will place the buttons in the right positions as the arrows.

The white arrow is on 12, the red on 10, and the black on 7. Knowing this, the past will go again to the eye-looking switch and place all the colored switches according to the arrows of the clock. Now, behind the eye, you will see that the body of Albert is covered with skin.

By revealing this, the machine will give you a Valve that can be placed on the left side of the Blood Substance.

After placing the valve, you have to rotate it and all the blood will be transferred from the bottle to a console through pipes on the left side.

Then you need to pull the lever to open the console and there you will notice some different shapes on it.

After that, the Future has to go to the sides of the room and then a butterfly will come from the vent and will throw a locker on a mouse.

Click on the butterfly, and it will fly away, then you will be able to pick up the key.

You can use the key on the locker to open it and pick up another valve.

Once you are done with this, switch to the Past and go to the big machine and place the valve. Need to rotate the valve to open the cover and then click on it to zoom in on the console.

Turn on the machine and you will have to follow the symbols that has Past and share it with the future so the needle of the meter will go to full, but must keep on sharing information between past and future before the needle goes into red.

Need to successfully press the correct symbol and shape on the machine, and press the pump above the buttons in order to reset the timer of the needle.

You just have to press the following order of the symbols:

  • Past: Butterfly, Eye. Reindeer, Soul, Crow, Heart, Tree, House.
  • Future: 4th button in 1st row, 1st button in 1st row, 3rd button in 1st row, 4th button in 2nd row, 3rd button in 2nd row, 1st button in 2nd row, 2nd button in 2nd row, 2nd button in 1st row.

After this is done, all the blood will go into the machine with the cylinder, and the Blood light will start to blink, which means you need to activate and pump the blood into the cylinder.

After you press the blood switch, you will be required to reset the clock one more time, and the arrows will stop in the following order: white on 5, black on 9, and red on 3.

The Past has to place the switches on the same order corresponding to the arrows of the clock and then it will receive a Hex Key. Now rotate back to the side of the device where he used the previous console for the blood substance and use the Hex Key to unlock the cover.

Once you unlock the cover, you will get the scope.

All you need to do is switch to the Future and press the console where the black cubes are highlighted and then Past has to look through the scope where it will see a candle in the black mirror and then switch the scope into a Candle Stand and tell the highlighted buttons to the Future.

You need to switch the scope and repeat the same for each of the highlighted buttons. Once you press all of them in the correct order, the glass of the cylinder will break and Albert will come out and walk directly to the locker.

You have to move to the next room with the locker where you will find Albert all dressed up and he will start talking to you and saying that it’s not done yet.

He will tell you that you need to find a way to get out, and then he will show you a code that is inside his pocket. The code is “3XY21Z” and you need to tell it to the Past so it will enter it into the device.

The machine will show you a note with underlined keywords and then you have to use those keywords with the Future and circle the symbols on the blackboard with the chalk.

You need to circle the following symbols:

  • Eyes: 6th shape, 2nd row
  • Future: 5th shape, 3rd row
  • Mask: 1st shape, 3rd row
  • Gems: 1st shape, 1st row
  • Cube: 6th shape, 1st row

After you circle all the symbols in the correct order, the golden key will drop and you need to pick it up. This key can be used to unlock the box from the locker with the name of A. Vanderboom.

Inside the box, you will find Music Mask, Deer Mask, and Snow Mask. Now switch the side to Albert and he will tell you to give him a mask. You need to give him the Snow mask and then the butterfly will come out of the device.

Wait for the butterfly to stand on the butterfly logo, and then press it. It will open and there will be three different figures with a slot of the gem.

Now, go back to the machine with the Future, and reset the clock again. The arrows will show you other numbers that you have to use on the switches. The white is on 11, the black on 2, and the red on 5.

Knowing these numbers, switch to the Past, use the eye-looking switcher and place all the color switches according to the clock arrows then through the eye you will see Albert with a mask on him, but the screen will suddenly go black.

After this, the machine will give you a voodoo needle that you need to pick up.

Rotate the machine on the side where the doll is on the ground, and you will need to use the needle and stab it inside the eye of the doll.

It will open the stitches on the stomach of the doll and here you will find one of the gems.

You can rotate the machine to the figures with gem slots, and can place the first gem on the first figure.

Now, you need to place the Deer Mask on Albert and then a diagram of notches will appear in the background. These positions of the notches have to be placed on the machine with the Past.

Once you place the notches in the right position, the second gem will be revealed on the machine.

Once again, you have to switch the machine to the side of the figures with gems, and place the second, red gem inside the figure in the middle.

Now, go back to Albert and give him the third music mask, and then go to the radio where you will see some notes come out of it. The note that you need is “FGDC”.

Switch to the Past, and use this note on the piano, then the third golden gem will be revealed.

Switch back to the figures on the machine and place the golden gem to the last figure and then all the figures will start to spin. A golden cube will come out on top of the machine and the shadow of Albert will hold it, and then a combination of buttons will appear on it.

Now, switch to the Future and go to the machine to use the black cube. You need to press the buttons in the same order as they are highlighted on the golden cube.

Once you press the buttons, the black cube will be released from C-9 and then you have to give it to Albert.

He will tell you to both Future and the Past to hold the cube for 10 seconds at the same time.

It will start to show screens of Albert and his shadow holding the cubes and then you will receive a message that you reached the end.

You will need to answer a couple of questions and the Albert and Rose will both together finish at the Lake and turn together into a tree with flowers that conclude the game.