The Past Within: 100% Achievement Guide

The Past Within is a newly released co-op only game in which you can play together with your friend and communicate with each other and piece together some of the mysteries of Albert Vanderboom. Placed in Rusty Lake, players have to solve various puzzles and explore mysterious worlds. During the game, you can earn a lot of achievements and if you want to make it fully complete, then follow our article.

In this guide, we will show you how to get 100% Achievement in The Past Within!

100% Achievement Guide – The Past Within

The Past – Chapter 1

1 – You Know What To Do

 You need to click the bird on the image to make it crow, and then you should immediately look in the mirror.

The mirror can be found in the second room scrolling to the right.

2 – Behind The Mask

From the broken image, you will find a message to wear the mask yourself and the key from the drawer. You need to take the key and then go to the room where the mirror is and you will have to open one of the drawers on the rack.

The drawer that you need to unlock is the one in the middle. Here you will find the mask. Just take it and then put the mask on in the mirror.

3 – Bone, Flesh and Blood

You need to place the three ingredients in the box and it will open. After it’s done you will get your achievement done.

4 – Catch me if you can

First, you have to click on the butterfly in the picture in order to make it fly away.

In the other room, the vase will break and you have to click on it, and then there will be a key that you have to get. From here, move to the next room with a hanging lamp where you will find the butterfly there.

You need to click on it again so it will fly away and the achievement will be done.

5 – The Devil

Go to the room with the coffin and click on it. As soon as the soul leaves the coffin, you have to look inside the coffin where you will find a card.

All you need to do is just click on the card and it will disappear.

6 – The Past Has Changed

This can be achieved once you complete chapter 1 and enter chapter 2. It is actually the machine that you activated with the three ingredients.

Once it’s done, you will enter chapter 2 of the story.

The Past – Chapter 2

1 – Victor

First, you need to move the key to the right position and open the piano. Now, you just have to keep on clicking and play the piano for a while and then the achievement will be done.

2 – Ear on the Inside

Need to use the hook and pull out the ear from the box.

3 – Breaking In

After you get the gears, click on the butterfly on the machine, then it will start flying and you need to chase it.

Eventually, it will land in the gear slot where you have to lock it in by clicking on it.

4 – Dead Eye

You just simply have to stab the voodoo doll in front of the machine with the needle in its eye.

5 – Hidden Treasure

In order to complete this, you need to place the 3 gems correctly on the first try. If you make a mistake, make sure to quit and reload before completing the puzzle in order to complete the achievement.

Place the gems in the following order:

  • White gem in the left figure
  • Red gem in the middle figure
  • Yellow gem in the right figure

6 – Rooted in The Past

You just need to watch all of the credits until the congratulations message. Then you will complete the achievement and continue to the next chapter.

The Future – Chapter 1

1 – Squeak

You need to click on the mouse several times to make it squeak and then you will be able to complete the achievement.

2 – Who is That?

After The Past solves the glass doors, you have to look through the peephole where you will see a mysterious woman with the mask on the face.

3 – A Tooth for a Tooth

You need to complete the tooth puzzle and then after The Past gets the tooth, The Future will have 1 more button to press.

4 – The Year of The Future

On the machine, you have to enter the year of the future. Make sure that it’s set to 1984 and then press Enter to confirm.

5 – Checkmate

Need to complete the chess puzzle on the first attempt without a single mistake. If you make any mistake, make sure to quit and reload save before solving the puzzle.

Once it’s done, there will be a disk that will pop out and you will complete this achievement.

6 – The Future is Ever Changing

This will be completed once you beat chapter one and entering Chapter 2.

The Future – Chapter 2

1 – Harvey’s Song

You need to play Harvey’s song on the radio. Just move the roller and find the frequency that plays a classical song.

After that, you must immediately look into the mirror to complete the achievement.

2 – No Way Out

Keep on chasing the mouse in circles around the room and then suddenly you will complete the achievement.

3 – All Ears

You have to use the computer and lower the big ear inside the room. Once it’s done you will complete the achievement.

4 – Frankenstein

Make sure to complete the flesh science puzzle on your first attempt without a single mistake.

If you make any mistake, make sure to quit and reload before completing the puzzle in order to complete the achievement.

5 – There Will Be Blood

This one will be completed after you resurrect Albert from the machine. Suddenly the glass will crack and he will walk away.

6 – Branching Out

Watch all of the credits at the end of the chapter until you get the congratulations message, and then your last achievement will be completed.

That’s it! By completing all the chapters that we mentioned above, you will complete 100% achievement in The Past Within.

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