The Cycle Frontier: Ultimate Quarters Guide

Published: 24 Mar 2022
Time to figure out these Quarters and learn them.

The Quarters section on The Cycle: Frontier is a talent tree-based place, where you begin learning different quarters and gain new buffs for learning. It is good to know what exactly you should begin to learn for hitting peak performance into your raids.

This guide will show you how the Quarter Upgrades work and what to learn first.

Ultimate Quarters Guide – The Cycle Frontier

To enter the quarters area, you will need to be inside the lobby and on the left side of the bar, you will see a small sign with glowing letters saying, “Den Residences”. Enter the area and you will enter your own quarters area.

Once inside, you will have two things to interact with, “Quarter Upgrades” and “Income Generators”.

This area is your resting place, where you can relax and learn new things.

Quarter Upgrades

Coming up to the quarter upgrades computer, hit F and you will enter the main screen for the quarter upgrades, which is split into 3 different sections:

  • Generators (Unlock and improve daily generation of K-Marks, Aurum, and Supply Crates)
  • Inventory (Increase the capacity of your Stash in the Station, and your Safe Pockets in your loadout)
  • Workbench (Improve Printing times for your Quarters)

Each of these sections will give you permanent boosts in the game, it’s wise to know what to start learning at the very beginning in order to get the most out of your raids.

The main purpose of the game is the Inventory and what loot you are going to collect in order to complete faction quests. Your quarters research will also require materials to learn.

Having an upgraded inventory will be the best choice from all 3 of these sections in the quarter upgrade menu.

This section is separated into 10 different Prospector Levels. Pressing on each of the locked and unlocked Stash and Safe Pockets icons will show you just how much the capacity of the two selected types will be.

For this current situation, when you bring 3 Hardened Metals, 1 Korolev Scrip, and 872 K-Marks, you will be able to start researching the quarter talent.

If the Safe pocket capacity has been upgraded to the maximum tier, your Prospector will have an additional 9 extra Safe Pocket slots. This is good because if you die in one of the raiding maps, the items that stay in the Safe Pocket area, will not be lost.

The Stash size will determine how many items you will have when you are in the lobby, these items will be needed for printing items, completing quests, and even trading with vendors.

You must know that as you continue leveling up these quarter talents, the research timer will become larger and the resources consumed will also raise. For every upgrade, there is a boost in the items needed.

With upgrading the Stash quarters first, you will unlock additional 65 Stash slots, which is almost double the storage of the original inventory.

Your second section should be the Generators. These will give you extra items and currency every single day. So if you drop to bare 0 in the game both with currency and items, you will have something that will constantly give you loot.

Income Generators

The Income Generators are located right on the other side of the room.

Once you open up the generators, you will see 4 windows will show up and give you rewards from the loot that has been generated over time:

  • Aurum Generator
  • K-Marks Generator
  • Supply Crate
  • Insurance Package

The Aurum Generator will give you currency once you unlock the quarter research for the Aurum supplies. This will give you supplies over time

The K-Marks Generator will give you in-game cash that will help you purchase different valuable items from the vendor.

The Supply Crate will give you different supplies, such as Materials, Armor, Consumables, Utilities, and Ammo.

The Supply Crate can be also leveled up from the quarter research and when leveled up, you will gain even more and rarer gear.

The Insurance Package is K-Marks that are worth the items that you have insured before entering each raid. You sometimes get K-Marks from here, or the items will come back to your inventory sometimes if you have insured them.