The Cycle Frontier: Ultimate Gear Printer Guide

Published: 24 Mar 2022
Time to start Printing with your Gear Printer in The Cycle Frontier

The cycle frontier has offered the players a crafting area, or they like to call it “Gear Printer”. Here you are able to spend materials and in-game currency to craft an item that you need.

The special situation with this Gear Printer is that you are able to craft items with a higher rarity.

Ultimate Gear Printer Guide – The Cycle Frontier

The Gear Printer is located right next to the ICA faction in the lobby of the game. This feature of the game is unlocked from the very start.

When you come to the Gear Printer and open it, you will see a menu similar to the vendor menu.

In this menu, you will have two main options:

  • Print
  • Repair

You will be able to print any item you want if you have the proper materials and currency.

The rarity of the items is available from uncommon, until legendary rarity.

Pressing on each item will give you information about it and the required resources to craft the item.

Quest items will be unlocked in this area once you reach the quest needed to craft an item.

The required resources vary on the rarity of the item you wish to print.

Also, every single item has its own printing timer that you will need to wait for in order to obtain it.

The “Repair” section is where you will need to repair your gear. Hovering over the mouse with the gear that needs to be repaired, will give you detailed information about the item and the required resources for the repair.