The Cycle Frontier: Ultimate Beginner Guide

March 18, 2022
Check out this ultimate beginner guide for The Cycle: Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier is an FPS game that allows the player to play the game both PVP and PVE. An addicting game that is currently in closed beta and has many adventures to offer its players. An intense game to play with a high-risk high-reward system. Learning the basics of the game is very important for future progression.

Ultimate Beginner Guide – The Cycle: Frontier

Once you first start the game, you will be summoned to the HUB where many players will be at. At first glance, you will go through a tutorial and learn all the features the game has to offer.

Inventory & Character

The most commonplace that every single player will visit is the Inventory. You can access the inventory by pausing the game, there you will also find a menu that says “Character”.

In this section, you will choose what “Prospector” you want to be.

With a simple customization menu, you can fully customize your character and play with it.

The inventory is a rather complex place to look at when you first encounter it. Here you get to keep:

  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Armor
  • Consumables
  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Utilities
  • Attachments

The inventory is divided into two spaces, Stash and Loadout. The Stash section is for items that you can keep for an infinite amount of time and select what you want to use or not.

The Loadout section is divided into 4 smaller sections:

  • Safe Pockets
  • Backpack
  • Armor
  • Weapons

The Loadout is used for selecting what items you like to use once encountering a raid or a PVP battle. NOTE that if you die during a battle, you lose the items that you have in your loadout, except for the Safe Pockets.

The Safe Pockets is a small slot for items that can hold up to 10 Pounds. Each item has its weight and that determines how much you can hold.
Upon dying, items that were in the Safe Pockets will not disappear from your inventory at all.

The Backpack is your area where you can fill up slots with materials, utilities, attachments, ammo, and consumables. In order to use the backpack, you must first equip it on the single slot where it’s written “Backpack”

The first beginner backpack will offer up to 300 Pounds of storage.

Your Armor sections contain a helmet slot and a chest piece slot.

The Weapons section is for equipping the proper weapons that you need for combat. Here you are allowed to have a 1 One-handed weapon, and another Two-handed weapon.

Important Items to Keep

After doing several battles, your inventory will fill up quickly. This is the proper time to split the items that you need, and items that you don’t need.

Quick harvesting materials are a good way to make money. The big number of monsters that give a ton of common harvesting materials can grant you gold by selling them.

Keeping the higher rarity items at the beginning is good for crafting future utilities and weapons.

Always check what types of items a quest requires before selling them to a vendor.

Main Shop (Purchasing Weapons & Utilities)

In the lobby, you will find an NPC that will sell you his goods. There you can purchase different sorts of weapons, ammo, armor, consumables, tools, utilities, and attachments.

In the beginning, you can unlock 5 weapons, from shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, to snipers. Each of these weapons has its strengths and weaknesses.

For each weapon, there is a different type of ammo.

There are 5 different types of ammo in the shop:

  • Light Ammo
  • Medium Ammo
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • Heavy Ammo
  • Special Ammo

Hovering over with the mouse on each variant of ammunition will tell you what it’s used for.

The Armor section will give you 3 options to choose from:

  • Tactical Shield (Offer more stamina to the player)
  • Helmet (Protect the player from headshots)
  • Shield (Protect the body of the player)

The Consumables section is the place where you can buy medical kits and tactical grenades. Separated between two types of medical kits and 3 different grenades, you can purchase:

  • Weak Stim
  • Weak Medical Kit
  • Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Gas Grenade


Two material tools that are not helpful in the game because monsters can give you better items, these tools are:

  • Mineral Scanner
  • Heavy Mining Tool


In the Utilities section, you are able to purchase a backpack to use for your Loadout.


The Attachments section in the shop is for purchasing different types of attachments for your weapon. Each attachment can hold a different weapon. Hover over the attachment with your mouse to see which attachment goes where.

To equip attachments, open your inventory and middle mouse click on your weapon where you want to attach it. That will open up the weapon tab where you can remove or attach new mods.

You can also equip attachments from your storage area just by right-clicking them, they will automatically go into your Attachments section for the proper weapon.


The lobby is presented by 3 factions:

  • ICA Armory
  • Osiris Armory
  • Korolev Armory

These 3 factions are different from each other, they have a different armory and weapons from each other. All with their own stories, they offer the player one quest, so make sure to pick up the quest from all 3 places.

The quests give you K-Marks, which is the currency for the game. Faction Points, Faction Cards.

Each faction has its leveling system and Faction Points, which you earn by completing quests for each faction and selling items.

Earning a level to a faction will unlock different variants of loot to purchase from their shops. Loots that is far greater than the normal shop loot.

Earning in-game Money

K-Marks are earned mainly by selling items to vendors and completing quests. A lot of materials drop from monsters that can earn you money and faction points.

When you open the faction shop, there is another window in the top middle border of the screen “Sell Items”. Opening that menu will give you a list of all the items you have and how much they are worth if sold.

The higher the rarity of the item, the higher the selling price and faction points.

Make sure to make a decision first before selling every item. Some items are important in the future for crafting or quests.


Crafting is the most essential part of the game. You cannot buy everything that is listed on the game through a vendor. Some items are crafted and require crafting materials.

In the lobby, you will find a workbench that is the area where you can Craft and Repair your gear.

At the workbench you can upgrade:

  • Weapons (High-quality weapons with better stats)
  • Consumables (Better Medical Kits that heal you for more)
  • Armor (Upgraded armor pieces with more defense and durability)
  • Utilities (Upgradable backpack to hold more storage)
  • Attachments (Better quality attachments for a more stable fight)

To see what materials you need to collect to upgrade a certain piece, click on it in the workbench, and on the right side of the screen, a simple tab will be presented with how many and what types of materials you need.

Quarter Upgrades

The Quarter Upgrade is the typical talent tree that you can upgrade over time and gain buffs for certain things.

There are a total of 3 main upgrades that you can work with:

  • Generators
  • Inventory
  • Workbench

By clicking on each upgrade, a talent tree will open up that will tell you the upgrade information, requirements to begin the upgrade, required resources, and how long it will take for the upgrade to be completed.

The Generators section is for upgrading the K-marks generation rate and daily supply crate.

The Inventory section is for upgrading stash space and safe pocket space.

The Workbench section is for reducing the time and resources for upgrading gear.

The Generator is located right behind the Quarter Upgrade computer, there you can collect your K-marks that are generated, see how much Aurum you can collect, and obtain your Supply Crate.

How to begin battles?

There are two ways of starting a battle/raid, one of them is by opening the tab menu on your screen, and on the bottom right side of the screen a purple button will be shown saying “Deploy To Fortuna III”.

The second way to begin a battle/raid is by walking up in the lobby where the Launch Terminal is, and begin from there.

Currently, two maps are available:

  • Bright Sands
  • Crescent Falls

Each map has its own difficulty and the item drops are different from each other.

Item Insurance

Before jumping to a map and starting a battle. A menu will open up and on the top left side of the menu, an Item Insurance option can be noticed. This is a way to save your items if you die by giving K-Marks.

To insure an item, simply click on it and pay the price. You are also able to enter without insuring your gear.

 An annoying thing to know about this option is that once you exit the battlegrounds, you want to re-enter again. Your insurance will disappear and a new one will need to be made.

Spawns & Extraction

The raids that are occurring on these maps are long-lasting. Meaning that once you spawn to the map, an already-going raid is happening.

The spawning on the map is random, and the extraction points that you need to do, are random as well.

The extraction points are marked with orange dots on the map.

You need to stay alert at all times while going towards these extraction points. Players will already be there and extracting as well.