The Cycle Frontier: Swamp Dead Drop Guide

June 10, 2022
Check out this guide to find the Swamp dead drop in Cycle Frontiers!

The Cycle Frontier is an online FPS game where players need to hunt for resources on an alien planet while defending themselves against monsters and other players. In this guide, we will tell you how to obtain the Swamp dead drop in the game.

The Cycle Frontier: Swamp Dead Drop Guide

You will need to find the Dead drop located in the Swamp in order to complete the quest called Audiophile Beware Part 1 in the game. The drop can be found in the Swamp camp at the location marked above

Once you reach the Swamp Camp, you will need to head down the waterfall near the Giant Skeleton while being cautious about other players that might be looking for the drop.

Once you ascend down from the waterfall, continue alongside the buildings until you reach the U-shaped wooden log next to a building connected to an overhead wire.

Jump onto the wooden log and you will notice a yellow-coloured container lying inside the water.

Head over to the container and then put any item from your inventory into it and then press the deposit items button to complete the quest. This will ensure that your items are safe in the container even if you die in the game.

That’s it, now go ahead and deposit your items in the drop box to complete the quest!