The Cycle Frontier: Scope & Sensitivity Settings

Published: 22 Jun 2022
Click here to find out the best Scope & Sensitivity Settings for Cycle Frontiers!

Cycle Frontiers is an online multiplayer FPS game where you need to hunt for resources on an alien planet while defending yourself against monsters and other players.In this guide, we will tell you the best scope and sensitivity settings for the game.

The Cycle Frontier: Scope & Sensitivity Settings

General Sensitivity Settings

  • Sensitivity:  0.8
  • Invert X-Axis: OFF
  • Invert Y-Axis: OFF
  • Mouse Smoothing: OFF

Aim Sensitivity Options

  • Enable Per-Scope Sensitivity: OFF
  • Scoped Sensitivity 2
  • FOV Based Sensitivity Scaling: ON

Input Options

Sprint Toggle: OFF

Crouch Toggle: ON

Targeting Toggle: ON

That’s it, these are all the scope and sensitivity that you need to adjust in the game!