The Cycle frontier: Pinnacle Labs Guide

July 14, 2022
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The Cycle Frontier’s Pinnacle Labs is a great spot to collect loot, but getting there can be quite risky, especially if you are a novice player. This guide will teach you everything about Pinnacle Labs including the most efficient path to it in the Bicycle Frontier. You may travel to Pinnacle Labs safely and quickly to gather your loot by taking this route to assist you to avoid all the deadly enemies.

The Cycle frontier: Pinnacle Labs Guide

Easy Way to Reach Pinnacle Labs in The Cycle Frontier

You must begin this trip at the spot indicated on the map above. When you arrive at this spot, climb up onto the roof of the nearby little home and turn to face north.

Climb the hill by jumping on top of the cliff in front of you. Face 75 now (check the direction at the top right of the screen), then cling to the right-hand cliff edge. You begin to rush forward while hugging the right-facing wall.

You can make a brief excursion up the cliffs to your right just before the grassy bridge. This will provide you with a secure area where you may restore your stamina without fear of mob attacks. You should be located here on the map at this location on the route:

Once your energy is restored, descend again and resume your forward motion while hugging the right. Continue hugging right after crossing the grassy bridge. You’ll begin ascending the hill. The Pinnacle Labs will ultimately be reached if you keep moving upward and hug the right-hand wall.

You’ll be being pursued by a large group of mobs at this moment. Move up to the lab, enter the water, go in the middle of it and then leap up to the other side to make the mobs lose interest. The crowds will give up pursuing you.

The necessity of managing stamina on this journey should not be underestimated. You’ll need to frequently trek up the hills or rocks as you descend the path to refuel your energy.

This method will enable you to go to the Pinnacle Labs without having to engage in any combat with any mobs at all, provided that you manage your stamina well.

Pinnacle Labs Loot

You can now start looting since you are at the Pinnacle Labs. Loot the Containers and Hidden Stockpiles beneath the structure first.

After that, ascend the stairs located at the building’s edge. If the creatures are still after you, ascend to the lab’s roof and start shooting at them from there. You won’t be accessible to them.

Loot all of the Canisters that are lying around on the balcony once the area is safe. After emptying every container outside, push the button to unlock the eastern door and enter.

Since there isn’t much loot in this area of the lab, it is advisable to clear it out first. There are simply a few containers there.

After you’ve plundered this area, leave through the same entrance and go into the area across from it. In this area of the lab, there is a lot more stuff to be found.

You can rob a number of refrigerators, crates, briefcases, cabinets, and medical supplies. To locate all of the concealed containers, be sure to thoroughly search the area.

Simply return the way you came to safely exit this region if you’re satisfied with the amount of stuff you’ve amassed from the Pinnacle Labs.