The Cycle Frontier: Newest Keycard Farming Guide

Published: 13 Jun 2022
Check out the Newest Keycard Farming Guide for The Cycle: Frontier!

The Cycle: Frontier is hiding many treasure boxes and loots hidden around the alien planet. There are locked doors throughout the map where players can find some of the high tier items and other valuable resources, loose loot and mining nodes. The only way to access to these locked doors is by obtaining a key card. Most of the players might have a hard time finding the keycards.

In this guide, we will show you how to farm the newest keycards in The Cycle: Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier: Newest Keycard Farming Guide

There are many locked doors on the maps that have a corresponding keycard required in order to open them. The loot behind these doors is always good and make sure to keep all keycards in your inventory.

Keycards can be found in safes, jackets, briefcases and luggage. They are scattered around all over the maps.

The two best places that have a high destiny of these objects is Jungle Camp and Base Camp.

Starting with the Jungle Camp, you should clear out every single floor because there can be found many safes, jackets, briefcases and luggage consistently in this area.

You can clear all this quickly and easily because it’s all close together. Once you are done with the main building, continue down below to another civilian locker where you can also find some jacket.

In the third building, you can find 2 briefcases, a cooler in the back, and upstairs in the bedroom you can loot another luggage and safe.

The next location for farming the Keycards is Base Camp. There you can find a huge concentration of keycard lootable objects and it starts in the manager’s office.

In this area, you have to get the luggage saferoom key which is the best spot where you can loot many items. The luggage key is the best key for this map and once you find it and open the saferoom, you can find exactly 10 briefcases, 6 luggage and 4 safes, and a weapon case.

All these objects have a high chance of dropping keycards.

Once you’ve cleared the luggage room and the office, go down and across the landing pad to the other gate where you can find a few more luggage and briefcases.

Another place where you can farm some keycards is in the armory which is located in the Jungle. It requires a key to enter the room, and there you can find 2 weapon crates.

The next favorite key on Bright Sands is the mine access key, located in the Abandoned Mine, the north area of the map. Behind this door, you can find a ton of titan ore nodes and coral boxes.

Next is the Sever Access key in the Comms Tower. This is nothing special but you can find four civilian lockers, a safe, and four briefcases.

Another room key is the Bright Sands Observation located in the Vaccine Labs. This key has a green rarity but still, you can loot meds and biological samples, and overall here you can find one safe, one white container, and some med boxes.

The next is Skeleton Key which is located in Swamp, and this key is on the same level as the vaccine key. You can find here a weapon crate, two safes, and a jacket along with a couple of ammo boxes.

Lastly, the Tall House key is located in the Woodcutter Camp. This is one of the worst keys on the map because there is not much that you can loot there.