The Cycle Frontier: Money Making Runs Guide

Published: 12 Jun 2022
Want to start making a ton of money in The Cycle Frontier? Check out this guide!

The Cycle Frontier is an extraction looter shooter gearing up for drops onto an alien planet of Fortuna 3. Wearing armor, gear, and weapons to drop in with a squad of up to three players. The Cycle Frontier is not a complicated game, but a quick understanding of the basics and specific gameplay mechanics will keep you from falling behind all those players that have been playing since the betas.

This guide will show you some money-making runs for The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier: Money Making Runs Guide

One of the best methods of gaining reputation and money is by farming focus crystals and selling it to one of the faction vendors in the lobby.

You can get two focus crystal types, they are:

  • Rare Focus Crystal (x1 Sold is Worth 961 K-Marks & 10 Reputation)
  • Epic Focus Crystal (x1 sold is worth 2883 K-Marks & 29 Reputation)

One of the main weapons that you want to have for this run is the Manticore, this weapon will help you kill all sorts of monsters much easier as you are roaming around the Jungle.

This run will require you to move around the northwest border of the map, walking around the border of the Jungle and Jungle Camp area.

Simply move on the line presented on the image above and just hold the right side of the wall and you will begin noticing a bunch of Focus Crystal minerals.

Stay close to hills and cliffs which will help you climb up areas and get away from monsters as fast as possible. Jeffs & Marauders will be a common monster around these areas, this is where you Manticore comes into place.