The Cycle Frontier: Mining Node Guide

Published: 18 Mar 2022
Use this strategy to mine nodes quickly in Cycles: Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier is a new fast-paced shooter where you need to hunt for resources on an alien planet while defeating monsters along the way. In this guide, we will tell you how to mine nodes faster in the game.

Mining Node Guide – The Cycle Frontier

These are all the locations in the game where you will be able to mine for nodes in the Bright Sands area. This map can come in handy if you are looking for specific ore to complete a quest or just need to make some money quickly. Do note that some of the nodes might not be visible due to the different respawn timers present in the game

One quick tip that you can use while farming nodes is that when you press the F button to pick up one ore, you will usually notice another ore next to it which can be collected by hitting F.You will be able to farm out all the ores with just a few hits of your pick. Look for the colouring on the ore and you will be able to unearth it. As you unearth more ores, you will be able to spot more of them nearby due to their red colouring.

These are all the tricks you need to know mine nodes in the game. Now go ahead and head to the above locations to farm some nodes!