The Cycle Frontier: Laser Drill Guide – How To Mine Letium

Published: 14 Jul 2022
Get your Laser Drill, and let’s Mine Letium in The Cycle Frontier!

The Laser Drill is a powerful locator that can be used to call down a Korolev Lased Drill Platform on Extreme Letium Veins. If you want to get Letium, but you don’t know how, we prepared all you need to know before start mining.

This guide will show you How to Mine Letium in The Cycle Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier: Laser Drill Guide – How To Mine Letium

First of all, you need to get the Laser Drill which requires 18 electronic cables and 200 scripts. To do the Laser Drill, you will need to complete the heavy construction part 9 from Korolev.

 You will need a bunch of job to collect all these as much as possible. For the Laser Drill is recommended to go with your teammates, because it might be a bit hard content for a single person.

Before you start, make sure to put the Laser Drill Beacon in your pocket.

The best location to do this is at the Base Camp location which is marked on the image below.

Once you come there, you will notice an open area on the ground with some smoking liquid inside. This is actually the place where you can mine the Letium. You can see more of them around the map, but the safest is to get it at the Base Camp.

To start mining you have to go on top of it and click F to call down the drill. Be careful not to step on it where the steam comes from because you will get some damage from it.

While you are waiting, always be aware of the other people, because they want to do PvP and also get your drill.  The ship that is coming from the sky is pretty big and makes a noise, which means everyone can see it.

Once it comes to the ground, make your way inside and go to the control station. On the computer, you have to press F to start the Drill process.

Once it begins, the laser will activate and start mining the Letium. Don’t g close to the laser because it might kill you.

While it is mining, you can follow the progress of the process at the monitor at the wall.

There are tree pipes with valves where you can get the incoming Letium. They are located in the middle of the room where the laser is drilling.

Once the drilling is done, make sure to collect everything before the ship flies away.