The Cycle Frontier: Key Cards Farming Guide

March 18, 2022
Check out this guide to collect the maximum key cards in The Cycle Frontiers!

The Cycle Frontier is a fast-paced first-person shooter where you need to search for resources on an alien planet full of monsters. There are locked doors throughout the map which can only be accessed by obtaining a key card. In this guide, we will tell you how to farm these keycards in the game

During your playtime in the game, you will come across many locked doors and rooms which have boxes filled with valuable resources, loose loot and mining nodes. In order to access and loot these resources, you will require a keycard in the game.

Key Cards Farming Guide – The Cycle Frontier

The keycards are found in only two types of containers. The first one is a safe container that looks like the one shown above so you need to keep an eye out for them.

While the second type of container is a jacket that you will be able to spot in the game. Now, these containers can be found in a bunch of different locations all across the map. There are two locations in particular where you will find plenty of these containers lying next to one another.

The first location is in Bright Sands at the northwest corner of the map in the Jungle Camp area. Here you will find four safes and two jackets all in the same building.

The keycards only have a weight of one pound so you can easily store them in your safe pockets. You can find the locations of all the areas where these keycards can be used in the Bright Sands area on the map above.

The second location is in Crescent falls at the centre of the map near the Starport Admin area. You will be able to find 11 jackets and 1 safe located here. Since Starport admins have three floors, you will find these jackets on the different floors of the building. To be precise there are 3 jackets on the top level,6 jackets and 1 safe on the middle level and 2 jackets on the bottom level. Do note that the drop rate for a key may vary in this location as usually, it is around 10% meaning that you will find a key in approximately 1 of the 10 jackets or safes.

That’s it, you can now head over to these areas to farm some keycards. The locations where these keycards can be used in Crescent falls is shown above. Use this strategy to gain the maximum keycards and obtain valuable loot in the game.