The Cycle Frontier: Items to Keep and NOT Sell

Published: 10 Jun 2022
There are a couple of items you should Keep and never Sell in The Cycle: Frontier!

The Cycle: Frontier is filled with different items that might confuse you as a new player. You might consider if you need to keep that item or sell it or is it important for a mission later on for crafting a recipe. There is a list of items that we prepared, and you have to keep it through the entire gameplay.

In this guide, we will show you the Items to Keep and NOT Sell in The Cycle: Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier: Items to Keep and NOT Sell

There are different ways to understand if an item is important or if it’s not important. There is epic and legendary tiers that mean something. Some of them should be on a higher tier and some on the lower tier.

There are a couple of different ores in the game that you should keep. These are really important in the early to mid-game. You can find titan ore, nickel ore, focus crystals, and valectosyte. Focus crystals and titan ore are more important in the later mid-game to later end-game.

For nickel ore that also includes ultra nickel and valectosyte, and that also includes all of the different types of electocyte because there are lots of them, we recommend keeping all of them. They are super important in different crafting recipes especially altered nickel whish is important in crafting in the early game.

There are also some items in the game that are not so common but you should keep them.

  • Aluminum Scrap – Decently hard to find, depending on the luck.
  • Compound Sheets – They’re pretty easy to find. Keep at least 2 stacks of them.
  • Electronic Cables – Also easy to find. It’s recommended to keep at least 2 stacks.
  • Copper Wire – Keep 2 stacks of them.
  • Hardened Metals – Keep them all because they are needed for a ton of different recipes.
  • Old Medicine – A very important because you use it to make syringes .
  • Polymetallic Prefabricate – it’s very important and it’s used for a lot of great crafting recipes like making armor, and consistently getting different items.
  • Rattler Skin – Also an important item for many crafting recipes.
  • Spinal Base – It’s very common and you should keep only 2 stacks.

There are also items that are very important for the missions or crafting recipes. These include:

  • Textiles – need a lot of them because they are used for a lot of good crafting
  • Altered Nickel – Important in crafting recipes, keep as much as possible.
  • Brightcap Mushroom – Very important for the medics.
  • Brittle Titan Ore – required for some main missions.
  • Circuit Board – Decently hard to find. Used for quest items.
  • Optic Glass – Used for lots of missions and jobs. Keep them all.
  • Resin Gun – Keep them because they are very hard to find.
  • Waterweed Filament

The higher the rarity goes, the more you don’t want to sell them. The items in the list below should not be sold ever in the game.

  • Strider Hear
  • Meteor Fragment
  • Zero System CPU
  • Co-Tec Multitool
  • Biological Sampler