The Cycle Frontier: How to Pump Oil Using the Oil Pump Beacon

Published: 22 Apr 2022
Check out this guide to learn how to use the Pump Oil Beacon in Cycle Frontiers!

Cycle Frontiers is an online competitive shooter game where players need to search for resources on an alien planet while defending themselves against other players and creatures in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to pump oil by using the oil pump beacon in Cycle Frontiers.

The Cycle Frontier: How to Pump Oil Using the Oil Pump Beacon

The Oil Pump Beacon in the game can either be crafted or obtained by completing the missions.

To craft the pump, you will require 49,000 K-marks,12 Hydraulic Piston, 12 Aluminium Scraps,200 ICA Scrips and a time of around 2 hours 30 minutes. When you craft it, you will actually craft 5 of them since the game doesn’t allow you to craft a single beacon.

The mission that you need to complete to obtain the pump is called Back to Basics from the ICA faction. Progress through the campaign until you reach this mission and you will receive an Oil Pump Beacon after completing it.

In order to use the pump, head over to areas such as the Skeleton, Pinnacle Labs and Starport Warehouse where you will find this black rocky stone on the ground. These lithium oil deposits currently only spawn on the Crescent Falls map.

After you spot one, use your Pickaxe and start mining them until a fountain of black oil gets released from the ground. Do note that only some of these rocks have oil inside them while others are dry.

The smaller fountains will provide you with fewer amounts of oil filling only one canister while larger ones will allow you to collect more oil. The higher the oil goes up in the air, the more amount of canisters you will be able to fill with a maximum of 5 canisters per oil pump.

Press F to install a pump near the fountain and the Oil Beacon will fly down from above at that location. The pump will start working and you will need to wait until it produces one canister.

The whole process can be very loud so you will need to stick around the pump to defend it from enemies and other creatures. It is best to find a good strategic place to defend the pump especially if you are playing solo.

You will hear a beeping sound and a green light will flash on the pump indicating that NIC Oil Cannister is filled. These canisters are filled at the rate of one per minute.

You will need to pick the canisters from the pump before it can start filling another one. Once the pump depletes all the oil deposits, it will turn off and become dormant.

The oil fountains at Skeleton usually give you two canisters of oils while those in the Warehouse will give you three canisters. You will be able to sell each canister for 20,000 K-marks and you will also need them to complete some of the missions.

By putting multiple beacons in an area, you will be able to collect a lot of canisters and sell them to earn easy money in the game.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this pump oil beacon to earn easy money in the game!