The Cycle Frontier: How to Power Level Factions

Published: 22 Apr 2022
Use this strategy to power level your factions in Cycle Frontiers!

There are three different factions present in Cycle Frontiers and each faction has different levels that can be reached to unlock better gear. In this guide, we will tell you how to power level factions in the game

The Cycle Frontier: How to Power Level Factions

There are two ways to increase your reputation in the faction: completing campaign missions and selling items directly to the faction that you are trying to increase.

Now when it comes to completing campaign missions, there are two approaches adopted by players in the game. The first way is to only hold on to those items that are required to complete an active mission.

While the second method advocates maintaining 3 stacks of every item in the game so you can quickly turn them in when the mission unlocks.

If you are strictly looking for power level, it is highly recommended to sell everything you find on the planet with the exception of active quest items and items required to craft high tier armour and attachments

Another quick tip is that you can have three quick jobs active at once from the same faction so make sure to select them when you are power levelling on a specific faction.

Youtuber Phixate has a created Reputation chart that will help you find the items that provide the highest reputation when you trade them to a faction. This excel sheet contains a tab called Rep/Weight where you will find items that provide the highest Rep per Weight.

There are various items such as the Print Resin, Nutritional Bar, and Toxic Gland being common drops that deliver a good reputation according to their weight. Use this chart to your advantage and farm the items that provide the best possible rep per weight.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this strategy to increase your faction levels in the game easily!