The Cycle Frontier: How to Get Aurum

June 13, 2022
Check out this guide to earn free Aurum in Cycle Frontiers!

The Cycle Frontiers is an online FPS game where you must survive on an alien planet while protecting yourself against deadly monsters and other players.In this guide, we will tell you how to get Aurum in the game.

The Cycle Frontier: How to Get Aurum

Aurum is a currency in the game which you can use to insure your gear and purchase cosmetic items from the in-game shop.

While other games usually require you to purchase their in-game currency, you can get Aurum for free in Cycle Frontiers.

In order to do this, head over to your quarters and upgrade your generator.

This upgrade will allow you to earn Aurum every hour which doesn’t like a lot at first however the more you upgrade this generator, the more Aurum you will earn each hour.

When you wish to withdraw the Aurum, you can do it on the other side of the room at the generator.

While you won’t earn a lot of Aurum through this method but if you save it up then you will be able to purchase some nice cosmetic items for your character from the shop.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this method to earn Aurum for free in The Cycle Frontier!