The Cycle Frontier: How to Farm Blue Armor & Backpack

Published: 12 Jun 2022
Want to start farming Blue Armor and a Blue Backpack in The Cycle Frontier! Check out this guide to find out!

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter fantasy game where you will have a chance to raid one of the two maps, Crescent Falls or Bright Sands from Fortuna 3. In this game, you have different rarity equipment which you can hold and equip on yourself to become stronger and have better survivability. Having blue armor will give you an upper hand against opponents and monsters.

This guide will show you how to farm blue armor and a blue backpack in The Cycle Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier: How to Farm Blue Armor & Backpack

Having better armor than your opponent will always allow you to have a bigger chance of survival in almost all types of fights. Holding more materials which can be worth a lot of K-Marks will require you to have also a higher quality backpack.

You can find all of the materials for the equipment in the Bright Sands map, due to it being less dangerous, smaller and easier to get around to.

Blue Helmet

The blue helmet will require you to have 2 materials that you need to craft with and create your piece of equipment, they are:

  • X1 Aluminum Scrap
  • X1 Rattler Skin

Aluminum scrap is a common item that you can find almost anywhere. Rattlers are monsters that you can find almost anywhere around the map. To obtain their skin, you need to kill them and obtain the item.

Dumpsters and Civilian Lockers are the areas in which you want to look for Aluminum scraps. You can find them commonly there.

Look around these 4 different areas for the Aluminum Scrap, they are:

  • Comms Tower
  • Jungle Camp
  • Dig Site
  • Base Camp

Blue Shield

The Blue Shield equipment will require you to have the following materials:

  • X1 Zero Systems CPU
  • X1 Cloudy Veltecite
  • X1 Rattler Skin

The Blue Zero Systems CPU can be commonly found in white cabinets at Comms Tower, Waterfall Labs, and Crashed Ship. You can also look around different areas and find the Blue Zero Systems CPU, it can be found in different areas as well.

Cloudy Veltecite is another common mineral that you can mine almost anywhere in Bright Sands. Most commonly found around waterfalls.

The Rattler Skin is easy to get. Simply kill as many Rattlers as you can find and collect all the extra materials for future equipment.

Large Blue Backpack

The Large Blue Backpack is the last item on the list and this piece of equipment will require you to collect the following materials:

  • X1 Textiles
  • X1 Pale Ivy Blossom
  • Altered Nickel

Textiles are items that can also be found commonly in the yellow Civilian Lockers. Textiles can be commonly found on top of beds and places where there is a bunch of clothing laying around. They are not always in containers.

The Pale Ivy Blossom is an item that you can commonly find around vines and next to trees. This is a flower that will stick out from the rest, due to its unique form.

This is not a heavy material. Collect as many as you can and place them in your stash once you are done with the raid.

The Altered Nickel is the green rarity Nickel Ore. You can find this almost anywhere on Bright Sands. You just need to be lucky and obtain the green rarity, Nickel Ore.

And just like that, you now can easily collect all of these materials to create blue Armor and a blue Backpack for The Cycle Frontier.