The Cycle Frontier: How To Complete Doing the Work Task Part 1 And 2 (SOS Sign at the South Beach)

March 20, 2022
Time to do the work for Part 1 and 2.

A quest accessible from the ICA faction is called “Doing the Work”. This quest is split into two parts, part one being the first location that needs to be searched and part 2 being the second one. You will need to look for SOS Signs.

This guide will show you the exact locations of both parts in the Doing the Work quest in The Cycle Frontier.

How to Complete Doing the Work Task Part 1 And 2 (SOS Sign at the South Beach) – The Cycle Frontier

The quest is split into two parts. Part 1 will need you to search for the SOS sign at the South Beach on Bright Sands. There you will find an abandoned camp with an SOS sign there.

You will complete part 1 just by standing next to the camp.

Part 2 will require you to slot in 3 batteries at the Water Facility on Bright Sands. The Water Facility is located just north of the abandoned camp.

The puzzle is pretty simple. Find all 3 batteries and deliver them in front of 3 empty sockets.

Two batteries are in one room where you first climb into onto some yellow boxes and into the Water Facility.

The third battery is located in the building above, on a balcony right next to a chest.

Keep all 3 batteries out of their sockets. Once you bring all 3 in front of the sockets, simply attach them 1 by 1 in order to loot the room.

The loot area is just behind the sockets. You will hear a sliding door opening.