The Cycle Frontier: Grenadier Fast Task Guide (Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop)

March 20, 2022
The Grenadier Fast Task is hidden well in The Cycle Frontier

The Grenadier Task is a hidden location in the Bright Sands Map of The Cycle Frontier. This is a stash area where you can stash your grenades and further while progressing into the game, you will have quests related to this area.

This guide will give you the exact location of the Grenadier Task in The Cycle Frontier.

Grenadier Fast Task Guide (Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop) – The Cycle: Frontier

Firstly you want to make your way towards the Swamp Camp. Beware of enemies in this area, as it is classed as a moderate danger area.

To locate the stash area, you will need to walk inside the ribcage of the monster, and right between the Swamp Camp and the Swamp writing on the map, you will find a yellow chest that can be interacted with.

Simply interact with the yellow chest and a stash menu will open up where you can store grenades from your backpack.