The Cycle Frontier: Field Research Quest Guide (Part 10)

March 24, 2022
Time to see what Part 10 of the Field Research quest has to offer!

Part 10 of the Field Research quest is the final part. In this quest, you will need to visit greens prospect on Crescent Falls and stash the portable labs in the greens prospect office dead drop. Both locations are hard to find, the greens prospect and the dead drop there.

This guide will show you the exact locations to finish part 10 of the Field Research Quest in The Cycle Frontier

Field Research Quest Guide (Part 10) – The Cycle Frontier

Starting off at Crescent Falls, you will want to join in the Crescent Falls raid and move towards the Greens Prospect, located in the very middle of the map.

The exact location for the dead drop and the lab will be located on the southwestern side of the Greens Prospect.

To get to the lab, pass the bridge and turn left, as shown in the image. You will want to continue going towards the end of the way, don’t enter the last room, it will lead you to a dead end.

Before entering the last room, enter the room on your right.

Once you enter this room, on your right side, you will find a yellow chest on the ground that is the Dead Drop where you need to leave the items for the quest.

The other Portable Labs for the other map, Bright Sands, are located on the crashed ship in the Jungle area.