The Cycle Frontier: Doing the Work Part 6 (House on Stilts Location)

March 20, 2022
Time to find the House on Stilts and do the work.

As progress through the game, the ICA faction will offer you a quest that you can finish and get some cool rewards. This quest needs you to deliver some rare data drivers and enter the house on Stilts.

This guide will help you locate and enter the House on Stilts in The Cycle Frontier.

Doing the Work Part 6 (House on Stilts Location) – The Cycle: Frontier

The quest is obtainable from the ICA faction. They will require you to enter the House on Stilts next to North Uplink on the Bright Sands map and upgrade some Data Drivers at the Uplink.

To begin the quest, firstly you must buy some Common Data Drivers from the ICA or you can find them around Comms Base.

You will need to go to this machine to upgrade your Common Data Drivers twice.

Aim towards the yellow box where it says Insert and simply upgrade the drivers twice.

The House on Stilts is located at the same location, you can easily spot this house just by looking at it. It’s the highest building in that area. There is a path that will lead you to the entrance of the house.

When you reach the House on Stilts, you will see that on the map you are not really on the exact said spot. This image will make sure that you have reached your proper location.