The Cycle Frontier: Dead Drop in Swamp Location

A quest acceptable through the ICA faction will take you to the Bright Sands map to stash some grenades in a giant skeleton. The exact place of the chest where the grenades need to be placed.

This guide will show you the exact location of the storage area for the Dead Drop in the Swamp in The Cycle Frontier.

Dead Drop in Swamp Location – The Cycle: Frontier

An interesting quest called “Audiophiles Beware Part 1” is a frustrating quest that won’t show the player its exact location to deposit grenades.

In the quest description, it is well coded on what it means by Big Roots. The Big Roots is meant for the giant skeleton on the southwest side of the map, between the Swamp Camp and the Swamp

To find the exact location you will need to be placed just under the third and the fourth rib of the skeleton itself.

When you get down into the rib cage, look in the middle of it where you will find a yellow container that can be interacted with.

Open up the container and its simple from there. A menu will open up with the exact locations shown there, place the grenades into the deposit area and your quest will be finished.

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