The Cycle Frontier: Crashed Ship Looting Guide

Published: 19 Jun 2022
It’s time for the Crashed Ship Looting in The Cycle Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier map is offering lots of areas to explore and loot. While searching for loot areas it’s good to know which of them can reward you with amazing loot. The Crashed Ship is where you can farm one of the best loots in the game. It’s a very dangerous area in the Jungle which is worth looting and obtaining one of the best items and materials in the game.

In this guide, we will show you Crashed Ship Looting in The Cycle Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier: Crashed Ship Looting Guide

To get to the Crashed ship, you have to make your way to the Jungle, which you can access from the dig site, Abandoned Mine, Comms Tower, or the hidden passage on the road, south of the Dig Site.

Once you come to the area, there will be some barrels and boxes to loot which are spread around the bushes around the ship. It’s a great place to find smart mesh and other good items.

The next location where you can find plenty of loot is through the cockpit, where you can access from the north side, going up on the side of the ship. It’s surrounded by two big vines in the south direction.  

You can loot for a potentially high-value spawn, especially in the barrels and you should not skip them.

The cockpit has a lot of nice loose loot in it such as a gyroscope that is a rare spawn.

Keep looking around, checking for more loose loot on the left side of the left and right side of the servers.

Head to the other end of the ship where you can find another good loose loot spawns up top and a couple of luggage as well.

The next location is to go downstairs where you can loot a weapon crate which is very nice and can obtain some rare guns because it’s in a high-danger area.

You can also find and loot underneath the cockpit. There is a couple of loose loot spawns, a briefcase, and luggage where you find smart mesh and other rare items.

Also, on the left side of the ship, by the chairs, there’s another spawn for smart mesh.

Once you are done with the ship, go outside to the back where you will find two trenches where the engines have crashed and you will want to check them to find some loot inside.

After that, run down the dirt path and loot everything along the path that is of interest. You can find here a lot of good stuff going out of the area and make sure not to skip any loot.