The Cycle Frontier: Best New Player Loadout | Full Release

Published: 9 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to find out what the best load-out can be for a new player in The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier is a survival game where you jump onto two maps and begin your scavenge hunt. There are a ton of items and materials that you can obtain in this scavenge hunt. When you begin the game you will start with some basic equipment. It’s great to know what the best equipment can be for you for the start of the game.

This guide will show you the best new player load-out for The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier: Best New Player Loadout | Full Release

Once you start the game, you would want to level up the Osiris faction to level 5 and unlock the Manticore weapon.

The Manticore is one of the best weapon in this patch and it will help out with defeating both monsters and players quite easily. With the weapon being great for short and long distanced fight, it’s recommended that you add the X2 Scope, or the Red Dot scope.

Pick up a Flashlight, as it will be essential for this game due to the many dark areas that you will visit.

When you get to the armor side of this load-out, you want to set yourself up with Green Armor, Green Helmet, and Green Backpack.

All of these materials that you need for the equipment can be obtained in the Bright Sands map and are easy to find. Check the bigger construction areas where there are many loot bins to collect materials and craft the essential gear.

You will sometimes die and lose your equipment. Try obtaining the Manticore as much as you can because it will be the most useful weapon for early-game. After obtaining all the materials and placing them in your safe pockets, slowly begin building your equipment and destroy opponents!