The Callisto Protocol: Free The Inmate Quest Guide

December 5, 2022
Check out how to Free The Inmate Quest in The Callisto Protocol!

The only way to survive in The Callisto Protocol is to find your way out and escape from the dark secrets and evolving creatures from the Black Iron Prison. As you progress through the game, you will find some of the humans that are trapped and will need your help in order to escape and survive with you.

In this guide, we will show you Free The Inmate Quest in The Callisto Protocol!

Free The Inmate Quest Guide – The Callisto Protocol

When you come to the station of the ship where the prison cells are, you will have an objective to Free the Inmate which is in one of the cells.

To open the cell, you will have to go to the control station and unlock the cell.

The cell will open automatically, and you will see that there is no one inside, by as you make one step through the gate, someone will come out from the side and kick you inside the cell.

Suddenly, you will be trapped inside the cell and try to negotiate with the other two inmates just to get out of there all safe. However, there will be an alert and an emergency lockdown which will lock the cell while you are inside.

Once the cell is locked, you will have to find a way out of there while communicating and trying to get help from your other inmate on the radio.

You will be told to go to Waste Processing and contact your friend once you are there. In a meantime, the lockdown process will stop and you must quickly break the lock on the cell door and unlock it.

When you open the gate, the cell will be up in the station and you won’t be able to jump down, but instead of that, climb on top of the cell, and there you will find a ventilation tunnel where you have to follow the path.

At the end of the ventilation, you will come to another room where you are on safety again, and need to continue with the instruction that you get on the radio from your friend.