The Callisto Protocol: Exit The Station Guide

December 5, 2022
Want to know how to Exit The Station in The Callisto Protocol? Then check out this guide and find out!

In The Callisto Protocol, all of the time you will keep on trying to find your way out and escape from the horrors in the Black Iron Prison. Have to be ready all the time and wear your best equipment and weapon because every part of the prison comes with a dangerous surprise. As you get to the Station, your main objective is to find the exit, and if you don’t know how, then we are here to show you.

This guide will help you Exit the Station in The Callisto Protocol!

Exit The Station Guide – The Callisto Protocol

Once you come to the station, your main objective is to find the way and exit the station. This place is full of tricks just not to let you sneak out of there.

At the first checkpoint, there is a way in the tunnel that goes left, and you have to pass through the small gap, and follow the path.

After you pass on the other side of the big tube, you will come to another tight passage where you have to continue. At the other end, you will come to an area with rails on the ground which is the tricky part of the station.

There are two rollers that go on the rails and cut everything in front.

Here you have to be careful also from the incoming enemies that will appear as you walk through this tunnel. To avoid the rollers, you should use the gaps on the side of the walls where you can hide and avoid being hit by the rollers.

As you come closer to the position of the rollers, you will see that they are covering the exit through the ventilation where you have to go on.

Just wait for the rollers to start spinning, and then you can quickly jump into the ventilation and make your way out of there.

Once you are on the other side of the ventilation tunnel, there will be another checkpoint and you will successfully exit the station.