The Best AK15 Loadout For Battlebit Remastered

July 4, 2023
Want to know the best AK15 Loadout for Battlebit Remastered? You’ve come to the right place.

Battlebit Remastered is an amazing Battle Royale online shooter game where you get to customize a ton of loadouts and team up with your friends or random players to fight in matches against other people to win tournaments. Here you set up your loadout and battle to the death.

The AK15 is by far one of the best weapons right now that you can choose and it will surely take out your opponents easy, that’s why in this guide, we will show you the best AK15 loadout for Battlebit Remastered.

The Best AK15 Loadout

The AK15 is the first Assault Rifle weapon that new players will unlock and get to experience in upcoming matches.

Stats For AK15

These are the following stats that you will see on your AK15.

  • Damage 40.00
  • Armor damage 0.00
  • L- Armor Damage 6.00
  • Vertical recoil 1.60
  • Horizontal recoil 2.10
  • First Shot Kick 1.00
  • Velocity 750.00
  • Accuracy 75.00
  • Firerate 540
  • Sound Spread 600
  • Muzzle Flash scale 0.60
  • Control 0.71
  • Aim down time 0.30
  • Running Speed 0.95
  • Reload Time 3.93
  • Draw Speed 1.00

As you can see by these stats alone. The AK15 is not a weapon that you want to mess around with as it will kick like a horse but also deal a ton of damage.

The AK15 Loadout


For the Barrel of the AK15, you want to go with the Flash Hider. The flash hider decreases your Horizontal recoil by 0.42, increases your accuracy by 2.50 and also decreases the muzzle flash scale by 0.53.

This will guarantee that you are more accurate but slightly louder whenever you start shooting.

The vertical recoil is slightly increased by +0.64 and the Sound Spread is also increased by another +30 points.

Underbarrel Rail

Straight out of the box, here you want to take the Angled Grip which will help you control your weapon much better and make sure your gun does not move around a lot whenever you are shooting.

The Horizontal recoil will be decreased by 0.03 and the overall control of the weapon is going to be increased by 0.06.

A slight disadvantage here is that your First Shot Kick will have a slight increase of 0.05 as well as your running speed will be decreased by 0.02 and Aim down time by 0.06.


The Quick-A magazine will be your best choice here out of all three choices. No magazine will give you a negative, however, the Reload Time of the Quick-A magazine is drastically decreased by 0.65 seconds and will allow you to reload very fast and gun down your enemies.

Ranged Shooting (Scopes)

We highly recommend you here to choose a Medium Range scope and select the 1P78 scope with a red dot sight.

The draw speed and control of the weapon will be slightly reduced by 0.02 and 0.01 which is basically nothing.

The Red Dot sight is one of the cleanest scopes out there for you to use and will help you flush out those enemies that hide in distance.

And there you have it. That is the best loadout that you can use for your AK15 to have the greatest stats and we guarantee that you are going to have your stats increased greatly once you’ve equipped all of these attachments.