Terraria: How to Get Vitamins

Published: 9 May 2022
Time to find vitamins in Terraria!

Terraria has a ton of different monsters and biomes that can be found while exploring the lands. Each monster drops a different item that you can use to craft interesting materials and help you obtain future items and complete challenges much easier. Vitamins are a great item that will make your character stay healthy and keep you alive.

This guide will show you how to get vitamins in Terraria.

Terraria: How to Get Vitamins

The process of getting vitamins in terraria is pretty simple once you get in the right area.

You will need to move yourself down in caves where there are ghosts which are coming from the walls to try and attack you.

You will need to wait for these ghosts to come out of the walls and kill them, you can also dig down and open up space from the blocks to kill the ghosts.

Each ghost has a chance to drop vitamins, meaning that it’s not a 100% drop chance to obtain one.