Terraria: How to Get Shroomite Bars

Published: 9 May 2022
Time to find Shroomite Bars in Terraria!

Terraria is a great game that you can explore, build great machines and make an amazing colony. All this building and exploring will cost resources. To get these resources, you must first start to slowly upgrade yourself and collect more and more resources.

This guide will show you how to find Shroomite Bars in Terraria!

Terraria: How to Get Shroomite Bars

You need to go underground and look for the Glowing Mushroom Biome in the game and begin to dig around.

You need to break a few blocks and obtain a Glowing Mushroom Seed which can be placed in the ground. Once you’ve obtained the mushroom seeds, you can go to your base and build a structure.

These are regular dirt blocks that you can place in this pattern and plant glowing mushroom seeds in. The glowing mushroom seeds will spread and make yourself a farmable mushroom area.

Your next step is to build a simple house next to the biome that you’ve created. A simple house needs to have a chair, table, light source, and a door.

Make sure to build the house with building materials.

After some time, a mushroom NPC will spawn in the house and can trade with you.

Go down in the mining areas and look for the new ore which is Chrolophyte. You can find this growing ore in the underground jungle biome.

For each Shroomite Bar, you need to farm 6 Chrolophyte ore.

Craft a Titanium forge to craft your first Chrolophyte Bar.

For each Shroomite Bar, you need to use 1 Chlorophyte Bar and 15 Glowing Mushrooms.