Terraria: How to get Imp Statue

May 9, 2022
Time to find the Imp Statue in Terraria!

The Imp Statue in Terraria is a hidden ancient build that you can find deep down in the caves in almost all games. Luckily, the game has implemented a seed input where you can type seed and go directly to a marked location and obtain what you need.

This guide will show you how to easily get the Imp Statue in Terraria!

Terraria: How to get Imp Statue

Once you get in-game, go to your new game section and type in a seed that you want to enter for the Imp Statue. The seed that you need to write down is:


Select the following difficulty and create your world.

Once you get in your world, move to this location on the map and begin to dig down.

You will fall through many caves and waters, don’t mind that and continue making your way down until you reach this specific cave, on the left side of you, you will see the Imp Statue and be able to collect it.