Terra Invicta: All Factions In Game

September 27, 2022
Different factions, different goals – which one is yours?

Terra Invicta is a strategy simulation game, where players are tasked to manage one of the game’s many factions to take control of Earth and expand across the Solar System. As such with games like this, there would be several complicated systems for players to keep track of while also micromanaging some elements on the side.

An interesting aspect within games like Terra Invicta is the factions featured in it. Not only do they bring enticing backstories to read about, they also have their own set of strengths and weaknesses that practically ensures that no play through is the same.

In this guide, we will be detailing all the playable factions in Terra Invicta. Here’s hoping we can make your choice of which faction to play as much easier.

All Factions In Game – Terra Invicta

The Resistance

This faction is all about protecting humanity and resisting the alien invasion. Basically, their main goal is to make sure that humanity keeps on living and thriving.

That said, you can play the Resistance in two distinct ways: make Earth an impenetrable fortress for aliens or take the battle to the aliens by confronting them on space itself.

Take note that the Resistance is also the only faction in the game that has a tutorial, making it the most approachable faction in the game.

Needless to say, this is highly recommended for those new to the game. At least start with this faction until you get the hang of the game, then switch out.

Humanity First

The Humanity First faction is not one to protect – it is all about attacking. Its mission is to eradicate all alien life by any means necessary.

This also includes those that support the very thought of existing with aliens peacefully. They aren’t here to make any friends; they want the sole responsibility of putting an end to the aliens.

If you want a faction that wants to attack at all times, Humanity First would suit you perfectly.

Since this faction tend to clash a lot with other factions, prepare to not only fight aliens but also co-humans when playing as this faction.

The Initiative

The Initiative faction wants all the power it can muster. It isn’t afraid to exploit anything it can to gain the upper edge over other factions; this includes both aliens and humans.

This also means that they may sometimes support the idea of letting aliens live among humans as long as it benefits them.

The initiative is all about mind games and tactical approaches. It doesn’t rely on brute force to conquer territories. It wants to create chaos from behind the scenes by exploitation and manipulation.

If that is your bread and butter, then surely you’d have a blast playing as this faction.

The Servants

This faction is widely considered as the easiest faction to play in the game – even more so than the Resistance. The Servants is all about ‘serving’ the aliens. It worships the aliens in the hopes of proving themselves worthy.

This basically means that you’d be flipping over the entire game itself. Instead of fighting off the alien invasion, you’d be fully supporting them in taking out humanity.

The Servants’ goals are the inverse of that of the Humanity First faction, so prepare to clash with them almost all the time when playing as this faction.

While its premise may not necessarily appeal to everyone, unlike that of the Resistance, playing as the Servants faction can also be a ton of fun.

The Protectorate

At first, you may see the Protectorate faction much like the Servants. After all, they both strive to appease aliens. What separates the Protectorate however is that it doesn’t necessarily serve the interests of the aliens blindly, instead its main goal is to protect humanity by appeasing alien life.

Basically, it strives to keep aliens happy so that it won’t feel the urge to destroy humanity.  

Again, this approach would not be at odds with other factions. Expect several clashes with the Humanity First and Resistance factions.

The Academy

The Academy faction is out to convince the aliens that humanity could be their equals. It wants to stop their invasion by proving that humans can just be as superior as the aliens.

Playing as this faction can get quite difficult as you’d have to manage several things all at once since you’d have to effectively keep on par with the advancements of the alien life to succeed.

Since its goals are peaceful in nature, there would be fewer conflicts with other human factions compared to when playing other factions.

The Academy is best suited for those that want to focus on themselves more rather than conquering.

Project Exodus

Instead of defending Earth against the aliens, Project Exodus wants to escape the conflict by sending humanity to space in search of another habitable planet.

By that logic, Project Exodus would focus heavily on space development. You’d have to do a lot of work playing as this faction as building space stations and ships to launch to space costs tons of resources.

While playing Project Exodus may sound challenging, its premise of bolting Earth in search of another star is definitely interesting.

That said, if you want challenge in your play through, by any means select this faction.