Temtem: Where To Find Houchic And Smazee

September 9, 2022
Head over to these locations to find Huchic and Smazee!

Temtem is a multiplayer online role-playing game where players can embark on an adventure in the Airborne Archipelago with their squad. You can catch every Temtem, battle against other players, customize your house and hangouts with your friends to explore the open world.

This guide will tell you where to find Houchic and Smazee in the game.

Where To Find Houchic And Smazee in Temtem

Houchic and Smazee are two starters Temtems that were recently added as wild spawns during the Arbury Island update.

Huchic has a 5% spawn chance and can be found right at the beginning close to the area where you start Arbury Island.

As you make your way through Lockberg and head west, you will find a single grass patch right to the west and it will spawn Huchic.

Since this has a 5% spawn chance, you might have to roam around for a while before you get a chance to encounter it.

The other Temtem called Smazee is a melee starter Temtem with a 5% spawn chance.

You can find her in Green Glen Forest which is right after the city of Properton.

She can be found right here in the grass patch located northwest of the forest.

Both Huchic and Smazee are now available through the wild instead of going to the starting location of each Temtem.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to find Huchic and Smazee!