Temtem: Where to Find 8 of the Rarest Temtem

September 9, 2022
Catch every Temtem in the game, even the rarest ones!

In monster-collecting games such as Temtem, players should expect a list of creatures that would give them the most challenge to capture. After all, what kind of game Temtem would have turned out to be if all its featured creatures would be a cake walk to collect? In this guide, we will show you how you can find the 8 rarest Temtems in the whole game. Good luck capturing them all.

Here is where you’d find the 8 rarest Temtem in the game:

Where to Find 8 of the Rarest Temtem


First in the list is the wind and mental Temtem, Barnshee. This Temtem is great against melee, neutral, and toxic types, but can struggle with Electric types.

You can find Barnshee at the top floor of Windward Fort located north of Deniz.


To capture Nessla, you first must have a Surfboard. Once you have it, this rare Temtem can be found in a pond within the Thalassian Cliffs in the island of Deniz.


This rare water type Temtem can be found in Deniz as well. First, you have to enter a cave in the Sillaro River. Head north there and it shall lead you to another path.

Just proceed and go straight, soon enough you’d find yourself within a large body of water. There you’d find Oceara.


Found in the Giant Banyan is this rare nature and mental type Temtem, Kinu. Different to our first entries, you would have to defeat first the tamers there.

To find Kinu, simply head to the Citerior Omninesia – it is located at the west side of the map.


Crystle is the only one of the starting Temtems that you can capture in the wild.

This rare Temtem can be caught in the southernmost part of Tucma Subsurface.


Gyalis is worth scouring for as it is one of three fastest Temtems in the game. Its crystal and melee type makes it good against earth, electric, crystal, and mental types.

You can find Gyalis in the Mines of Mictlan at Tucma.


What Shuine may lack in its stats, it makes up with its very impressive design. Its mix of water and crystal type also makes it one of the more interesting Temtems you can find in-game.

You can find this rare Temtem in Tucma’s Kakama Cenote region.


The final in our list is Valash, a neutral and crystal type rare Temtem. Valash is quite close to Gyalis. To find it, go to the east of Tucma Subsurface and enter the Mines of Mictlan.

Roam around there and surely you’d find a Valash.