Temtem: Leveling Guide | Best Way To Reach Level Cap

September 8, 2022
Reach the level cap with multiple Temtems in no time by following this guide!

Grinding for experience is a common occurrence for monster hunting games such as Temtem. On top of enabling players the chance to collect all of its colorful and, sometimes, adorable creatures, such games also allow players to build the strength of their favorite critters through level-ups.

While some would be contented to reach a high level, others just wouldn’t be satisfied without knocking on the level cap itself. Lucky for you, we have here the best way to reach the level cap in Temtem! Keep reading to find out.

Here is the best way to reach level cap with multiple Temtems.

Leveling Guide | Best Way To Reach Level Cap in Temtem

The Best Experience Grinding Spot In Temtem

The undisputed best place to train your Temtem so that it could reach the level cap in no time is Arbury’s Melee Tem Shrine.

Found pretty late into the game, defeating the followers lurking within the shrine would unlock the ability to battle level 100 Broccolems.

Before going into battle with these powerful Temtems, be sure that you have at least one Temtem in your team that is resistant to Nature or Melee attacks.

Needless to say, this Temtem should also be powerful enough to tank the Broccolems’ techniques. We recommend its level to at least be close to 100 so you wouldn’t be knocked out fast.

Once that’s settled, make sure to equip it with a Lure to ensure that all incoming attacks would be aimed at it. Also, make sure that your chosen Temtem has your Tem in-training as its partner.

It is also a good idea to use learning aids before the battle as it would double the amount of experience your Temtems could earn for the next 30 minutes. They can be obtained through rewards from the FreeTem organizations, Lairs, and Temtem Uber Eats.

After winning the battle with the Broccolems, enjoy a boatload of experience. Rinse and repeat, soon enough you’d find yourself with several level 100 Temtems! Enjoy the grind!