Temtem: How To Unlock Tamers Paradise End game

September 9, 2022
Unlock Temtem’s endgame content by following this in-depth guide!

For certain games, just because you have officially reached the endgame does not mean that the title won’t have anything more to offer you in terms of content. Temtem is no different. This monster-collecting title has what it calls the ‘Tamer’s Paradise’ to provide eager players with more content even when in the endgame. Skilled tamers would surely find this endgame area a delight to explore.

In this article, we will show you how to unlock Temtem’s endgame content, the Tamer’s Paradise. Strap in, this could be a doozy.

How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in Temtem

To start things off, you should head over to Simpaku.

Once in the area, proceed to the Lab and take the elevator to the design section, the building’s floor 3.

There you will find Carlos, speak to him to unlock the quest officially.

Following the quest’s instructions would lead you back home. Here you will find a girl named Filomena.

Talk to her until she gives you the Case notes.

With the Case notes on your bag, simply head over to where the map instructs you. Doing so should lead you to Kilima Range.

After reaching Kilima Range, there you’d find Kyle. Ask him about Filomena. You will now have to go to Turqesa and find Filomena’s home there.

Once you’re in there, you will be informed that Filomena has already found her Mimit but she misplaced her TemCard.

Next, find and inspect the particular TemCard.

Inspecting the TemCard will give you a series of questions. Answer all the questions with ‘Correct’ except the final one. Select ‘Incorrect’ instead for the final question to complete the inspection.

After inspecting the TemCard, you will now be tasked to head over to the Breeding Center in Omnesia. Talk to the BreeCen ShopKeeper there and answer their questions.

This should give you the necessary clues to where you should go in this particular questline.

Once that’s done and dealt with, head over to Miyaku Village and find Berhano.

Talk to him and he shall explain everything to you.

Head back to Xadar and interact with Professor Constantino’s Lab.

Snoop around his computer and enter the password to unlock the contingency plan. The password is ‘Mega Zizar.’

After that, take the water ride through Sillar River and proceed to the Sea-Queen’s Aquarium. It is located across from the Agua-Marina Cave.

Once inside the Sea-Queen’s Aquarium, find Ceyhun and talk to him. Use the code word ‘Burned Wood’ and answer his questions promptly to further the questline.

Here are the answers to his questions. The Contingency, If Telobos is downed, General X!, and Tamer’s Paradise.

After that, go to the Prison Location and speak with General X.

This should unlock the next step in this elaborate questline.

Head back to Omnesia after your talk with General X. Then proceed to the Engineer’s Office to start a Temtem Battle.

Successfully finishing the battle will grant you the Tamer’s Paradise Chart. We are getting there!

With the Tamer’s Paradise Chart with you, have a chat with Adia Turay over at the Narwhal.

She would take you over to the island where you would then have to find 3 hidden Neo-Belsoto thugs.

Don’t bother running around finding them for yourself, these thugs will simply be marked on your map.

Just head over there and clear the area.

After that’s dealt with, head South to the Tamer’s Paradise Manager.

She will then thank you for your good deeds and give you Tokens, enabling you to access their facilities.

We are finally done! The journey may be a long one but Tamer’s Paradise would surely be worth it.

Now enjoy the fruits of your labor! Take on the many endgame challenges of Temtem, all present in the Tamer’s Paradise.